Saturday 15 October 2016
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180 Degrees Consulting Mexico City Branch

180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest consultancy for non-profits & social enterprises. 180 Degrees Consulting was...


Heart to Art to Heart by Milena S. LoVeritas

Milena S. LoVeritas, creator of Heart to Art to Heart. This project is the bridge for connecting to one another from the place of Love,...


bicedeep – Solves real life problems with AI

Bicedeep is founded to explore the possibilities of the contemporary artificial intelligence studies including machine learning, neural...


Carl Correns Foundation for Mathematical Biology has launched a crowdfunding Campaign “Help fight disease with software for medicine”

The Carl Correns Foundation is a tax-exempt charity, a new enterprise of active scientists making a difference in medicine by building...


REPUBLIC SPRING WATER- Say no to plastic bottles and no to polluting the planet

Republic Spring Water was born to bring sustainable change. Republic is a better way to buy & drink spring water. Premium spring water...


Help Us Save Ebrima Khan’s Vision

Mark Landau has started a crowdfunding campaign on gofundme as a goal of raising $5,000 in order to save Ebrima Khan’s vision. Ebrima...


Crippled Boy’s Dream Journey to New-Zealand

Runar Thor Njalsson is a 24 years old disabled boy from Iceland. He is trying to achieve his ultimate dream of traveling to New-Zealand and...


Inside Out Music-Youth Fundraiser!

Inside Out Music are offering music programming to youth on Cortes Island (and eventually beyond) with a focus on writing, recording, and...


Mongolian Culture Day and Shamanic Event

The Children of the blue Mongols will be bringing messages from The Tenger, The Eternal Blue Sky, and to the San Francisco Bay Area On...


Vanguard Court Watch, Bringing Social Justice to the Courtroom

A Court Watch Program has started in 2010, in Yolo County, the Vanguard Court Watch has sent college and other interns into the courthouse...


3 Christmas Books to Sell and Promote

Wade Webster is a writer who gains most of his income from driving trucks. He was 47 years old before he knew what he wanted to be when he...


Speaking Hands Organization

Speaking Hands is a Unique, Anointed, Powerful Ministry who use Sign Language to interpret Gospel and Inspirational Music. For over...

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