Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Frapz - Advertising is Interesting Again

Frapz is a modern advertising medium that can advertise anywhere on any campus by repurposing the backs of student laptops. Students get paid for their time, and advertisers get unrivaled access into the college demographic.

Frapz leases the backs of college students’ laptops for 3rd party advertisers then pay the students’ per minute their laptops are open in high traffic areas on campus. Frapz does this because campuses across the nation have advertising polices that prohibit advertisers from getting on campus. Frapz circumvent these polices through leasing personal property. Frapz is paying college students across the nation to study and have their laptop open on campus. The company was created by a group of students just like you.

Frapz use geofencing technology to identify high-traffic areas where Frapz students can get paid. All you have to do is have your laptop open within a geo-fenced area on the app and a Frapz sticker on your laptop. Sit down, get your study on, and start reeling in the cash. Students are paid per minute for being inside identified “hotspots” on campus. Get paid higher rates at peak traffic times, up to $15/hr or $.25/Min. Like Uber, Frapz is an on-demand service, you can choose your own hours.

Frapz provides the following features for advertisers and students


  • A new innovative highly visible OOH media.
  • Easily integrated API technology that can accurately track indoor/outdoor positioning.
  • Technology that can detect the precise audience size around each advertisement/mobile device.
  • Ability to instantly create payable geofence locations (hotspots) for users to gather.
  • Track real-time expenditure.


  • Back of laptop display ads administered by campus reps
  • $60/ad/month
  • Real-time earnings tracking

Frapz Partners

Frapz partnered with networks of the most experienced technology companies and campus/millennial marketing agencies experienced in capturing and delivering effective marketing campaigns.

10x Management- “Greatest Tech Talent in the world” is the technology development partner capable of building testing and optimizing their technology to accommodate their direct needs.

YMC- “Youth Marketing Connection” is the marketing and clientele management partner that is experienced specifically with media planning and buying for the colligate demographic.

Frapz Growth Plan

Frapz plans to further its reach through leasing display space on personal devices outside of the college demographic. Frapz plans to entice users, who are not carriers, to get more involved. Frapz gives business the ability by making their store location a geofenced hotspot. This technology allows business to pay frapz users to come to their store.

Frapz is the only medium capable of delivering on campus advertising. To students, it will be known for its compensation to the carrier. To agencies and businesses, it will be known for its scalability and ease of implementation.

The Team

Parker Owen, Founder of Frapz, he is a serial entrepreneur and inventor, with a passion for innovation that disrupts entire industries.

The Team has started a crowdfunding campaign on crowdfunder, Frapz will use the funding money to finish out the development of the mobile and web application (75% Complete). Furthermore, Frapz will use the funding for marketing to businesses and students. Frapz must continue building its network with agencies, moving to New York (Madison Ave) has been considered.

If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their crowdfunder page.
For more information, please visit Frapz’s campaign page:

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