Tuesday 20 December 2016
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YOiT – Mobile app to create Funny Ads

YOiT is a mobile application, developed in Android as a pilot, which helps create economic announcements that can be published on networks social easily, meeting the needs of vendors who want to publish their products quickly and attractive way; and buyers who want to see those classified with useful and complete information in order to facilitate their purchase decision.

The differentiating factor and innovative YOiT is to change the classic way to publish economic announcements, using technology, style and good design, with minimal effort by the user. Whereas application is sophisticated, pointing to experienced Internet user who wants to differentiate when selling their stuff / products.

Then, in a few steps, the user chooses up to four photos, entering a title, price, and description. Then, the application displays different templates to choose, allowing the user to change the text color, font, and distribution of selected photos.

The result is a collage - like an image that contains all the detailed information on it. Currently, YOiT is available on Google Play Store ( and they want to develop the iPhone version and expand the service throughout Latin America at the end of this year.

Cristian Carlo Riffo Huez, project creator, an inveterate entrepreneur and he always looking to facilitate the lives of people through technology. 

He has worked on several projects with interesting results and now embarked on YOiT to give a different look to the classified service, giving style to your notice.

Cristian Riffo has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $3778.05 USD.

The money raised will be used to formalize and enhance the project, making the iPhone version of the application and expand the service to countries in South America, initially Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia.


Pledge $15.12- You will figure on the list of visionary investors who actually made fun service classified publications.

Pledge $75.57- Recognition and be one of their best friends, they invite you to their launch and be presented as one of the superheroes who contributed to the project.

Pledge $377.81- A coffee / beer / roast your choice and you bombard their ideas … You will be their mentor. Ah! And also you get recognition on their site.

Pledge $1511.22- You will be invited to formalize the project in which you can choose to share a percentage of the company that makes fun things. And so you know, their trading strategy.

Backers have several prize tiers and categories to choose from, but you’ve got to be quick!

Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support.
For more information, please visit YOiT’s fondeadora page:

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