Tuesday 20 December 2016
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The Pocket Storehouse - Rick’s incredible Sourdough bread

Rick’s vision is to create an authentic Sourdough bakery in Bundaberg QLD, educate and invite others to understand the benefits and difference of a slow fermented bread without the need for any commercial yeast. Authentic ancient Bread that is “Perfect Enough” with just Flour, Water and Salt. To achieve this, they will transform the old timber building opposite Riverfeast on the corner of Scotland and Quay St in Bundaberg East, with a view to take a small step back in time and create bread and pastries that our great grandparents enjoyed.

Rick will create specialised hand-crafted authentic sourdough bread and true sourdough pastries that you can savour with a view to change the mindset that sourdough doesn’t actually have to be sour in taste, but instead full of flavour and a better choice for you than normal commercial yeasted bakery goods.

The team at The Pocket Storehouse will provide a welcoming and friendly environment where you can enjoy all things Sourdough.

Do you want a friendly place for a quick catch up with friends and family or maybe that less committed first date over a Macadamia sourdough croissant, a place to take a bike ride or walk to get your Saturday morning Sourdough, blueberry danish, coffee fix……….or yes there’s nothing wrong with a lazy drive with the family also for a moment of escaping over an organic cranberry & raisin cinnamon caramel scroll made of course with sourdough, no commercial yeast used ever in their products

Rick Nelson has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising AU $22,000. The fund raised will pay for the following expenses: To get a Classic van for The Pocket Storehouse, $15,000 mechanical and body work repairs to be roadworthy and approval with the council for use in food delivery, including any sign writing for promotion and those businesses who support this project. If they do raise more than the $22,000 any surplus will go towards further repairs to the building as it’s been through a few floods.

Rick says “I have a passion for all things fermented with Sourdough being top of my list. When I go on a holiday I search first for any true sourdough bakeries and make sure I’m there in time to pick up loaf that’s how much I love real sourdough.

About 5 years ago I decided to create my own sourdough bread when getting a true fresh sourdough proved impossible in Bundaberg. I started making sourdough for my family and my love of sourdough spread to close friends and then the next thing I knew I was looking to turn my passion into a business after getting the encouragement and support of Amanda and Larry at Indulge Bundaberg.

Amanda and Larry convinced me that I was creating something unique and provided the opportunity for me to trial bake and test the response with their loyal followers and the true bread lovers came out of hiding. A fantastic cultural shift has occurred in Bundaberg to buy local quality produce and to appreciate there is a difference and there is a growing following of anything artisan.

We know you will love our slow fermented bread as it takes more than 24 hours of care, patience and passion to create. We think its “Perfect Enough” bread, something that should have never messed around with when commercial yeast was introduced.”

So what ingredients do we need to make True Authentic Sourdough? Just Flour, Water, Salt and a very large helping of the below:


The passion is already in great supply - Rick’s passion for sourdough is crazy just ask him and he will tell you; the ever supportive wife Susan is amazing and her cakes and handmade puff pastry are incredible, and our chief taste testers the kids Frazer and Poppy all wanting to ensure we create memories for you of how bread and pastries should be.


Whilst Self-taught the Technique developed is inspired by Rick’s European baker ancestory and passed down stories in the family of an incredible bread that was long lost so we believed. They are very proud of the years of patience put in to develop their own unique fermented dough the base to all their products and it’s a 100% Bundaberg Origin Sourdough Starter. By capturing the gases in the loaves, by hand shaping, by embracing the local environment they have developed a fluffy soft loaf inside that has a chewy full flavoured crust that will rival even the famous San Francisco Sourdough, in their opinion.

Quality Flour

Discussions have taken place with organic wheat and rye growers and stone millers in QLD and NSW as they know the importance of sourcing quality flour.

Local Ingredients

Their region is truly amazing and they need celebrate this and use as many local ingredients as possible and these wonderful ingredients are, Rum, Ginger Beer, Sugar, Honey, Macadamias, Tomatoes, Figs, Milk from Baffle Creek, Blueberries, Ham from Tender Sprouted Meats, Ginger, Strawberries, Potatoes, Herbs, and “Pockets” of local producers showing the world how unique Bundaberg is, these local ingredients will feature in the The Pocket Storehouse range of breads and pastries.


Pledge $20- You will Receive a $25 gift voucher to spend at the shop, market, or online when they open.

Pledge $40- Sourdough Gift Pack 5 Sourdough Breads Organic White, Grain or Light Rye express posted anywhere in Australia. Either eat fresh within 3 days or these bread can be refreshed. REFRESH INSTRUCTIONS: Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius and bake for 10 minutes. If the bread was frozen thaw for up to 2 hours first. Guarantee their bread will come out of your oven like the day it was baked.

Pledge $50- Secure a $60 Gift Voucher for only $50. They will be selling a range of artisan products in the store so don’t think it’s all sourdough. There will be beautiful local olive oil and homemade dukka and all kinds artisan treats.

Pledge $250- Get your Sourdough Bread at less than the wholesale price of true sourdough. 50 loaves of bread gift voucher. You could come in every Saturday for a year, this offer includes any type of large Sourdough loaf of your choosing eg Organic White, Rye, Grain, Spelt, Fruit, etc……this is their biggest way of saying thank you for helping them with a dream.

Pledge $500- Promote your business Sign writing of your business on the back of the van for as long as the van exists, proudly thanking you forever for your support.

Pledge $1000- True Sourdough Course Group booking. Join Rick for a fun and educational half day session of Sourdough bread making for up to 6 people. Learn how to make true sourdough bread from the starter to the finished product baked in their stone based oven for you to take home. Great for a family, group of friends or even a team building session. Coffee, Tea and bakery treats provided.

The team welcomes your messages of support and encouragement, please do leave a message or comment alongside any pledge.
For more information, please visit The Pocket Storehouse’s campaign page:

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