Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Where’s My Contact - anti text & drive app

Know if your contact is driving before you text them with Where’s My Contact app.

Where’s My Contact is a GeoLocation app that works with the phone’s GPS. Friends, family and contacts can track each other’s whereabouts as long as they are running the WMC app.

The user needs only to pull up their phone’s contact list and next to a contact’s name will be a small symbol. That symbol represents where that contact is currently located. Imagine a restaurant symbol is a small knife & fork, work symbol is crossed pick & axe, home is a basic square house, gym is a dumbbell and the driving symbol is a steering wheel. There will be about 50 basic symbols that the app can choose from.

We are pitching the WMC app as a better approach to reducing texting while driving. All of our competitors place the responsibility for texting while driving on the driver alone. WMC shows the originator of a text when their contact is driving. Therefore responsibility is placed on the text originator to choose a responsible method of communication. WMC gives the originator 3 options: Call, text or email.

Texting while Driving has become a monumental problem in our society. 11 teens are dying every day because of it. There are many laws that attempt to reduce the number of crashes from text and driving. Also, there are many apps on the market that offer a variety of intended solutions from ‘speaking messages’ to completely blocking the phones functions while driving. The result, 1 in 4 automobile crashes is still a result of texting.

Where’s My Contact offers a unique solution. All of our competitor’s apps place the responsibility on the driver. Our approach informs the text originator that their intended contact is currently driving. It’s a simple idea; Placement of a ‘steering wheel’ symbol next to the contact’s name shows when they are driving in real time. When the contact stops driving, the ‘steering wheel’ symbol disappears.

The app is driven off the contact’s phone’s GPS. Status is updated at 15 second intervals. A contact’s phone need only travel above 8 mph to initiate the ‘steering wheel’ symbol. Once the phone slows to below 5 mph for a minimum of 10 minutes, the ‘steering wheel’ symbol disappears.

In the case where a contact is a passenger and not the driver, the contact may choose to set their current status as ‘passenger’ with a ‘sitting person’ symbol. This symbol appears next to the contact’s name as soon as it is set. When the app measures their speed at below 5 mph for a minimum of 15 minutes, the ‘passenger’ symbol disappears.
About Project Creator:

Eden Chaise & Keith Chaise

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Eden was adopted from Ukraine in 2001. He is growing up in Clover, SC. He is an exceptionally savvy kid with uncanny social abilities. His mother, Karmelle Chaise, was a successful green building advocate and marketer. She saw great business potential in her son. She and her husband, Keith, did their best to expose Eden to general business ideas, sustainability thinking and ethics with a higher purpose. Unfortunately Eden lost his mother to breast cancer in 2013.

Keith grew up in San Jose, CA. He worked at Ames Research Center as an apprentice, then as an engineer at Seagate Technology. He was married in the 90’s and hopped around the country until landing in South Carolina. He and his wife, Karmelle, adopted Eden from Ukraine in 2001. Keith worked primarily in the mortgage industry until 2008 when that whole thing crashed. He was all too glad to leave an industry that did not make sense. Now he works with solar energy and real estate.
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