Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Instant Karma: The Tormentors become the Tormented

The story of an agoraphobic who must overcome his fears to save his children.

Open Image Films, a UK based film production company are looking for support to help with their psychological horror film Instant Karma: The Tormentors Become The Tormented

The story is about Mitch and Emm, a couple of opportunist burglars, who break into an isolated house, believing that the owners are away. However, they soon discover that it is occupied by an agoraphobic man, Scott Green.

The thieves are unable to find anything of worth or any cash in the house, so decide to take Scott hostage and hang around for a couple of days until Scott’s young daughters (who are also his carers) return home from a trip to their grandmothers, with the bank and credit cards.

Whilst waiting, the thieves torment and ridicule Scott and make a promise to him that they will kill him and his daughters once they have the cards. During his time as their hostage, Scott has an epiphany and realises that in order to save himself and his family he must overcome his fears. A chain of events occur which sees Scott turn the tables on Mitch and Emm and he becomes the tormentor, dishing out some Instant Karma.

The story shows the transformation of the main character from a scared and weak man into someone who becomes a fighter and a protector of his family. He has an epiphany and realises that he has to overcome his fears in order to do so. With the cast attached to the project, it will be a great film. It is being shot in an extremely remote place, the Orkney Islands, which makes it more difficult to make films due to a lack of professional cast and crew that can be called upon.

Orkney is a group of islands just off the north coast of Scotland, which means it is very remote. In order to get the cast and crew needed for this production, the production company has to bring them up to the islands which will incur travel costs. The production company also has to provide them with food and accommodation during the shoot, not to mention a wage for each cast and crew member. Open Image Films are running an Indiegogo campaign to get the funds to help get the cast and crew to Orkney to make the film.
About Project Creator:

Lloyd James, director of the film said ‘My 10 year old daughter has been wanting to act in a film for nearly 5 years and when we wrote the script for ‘Instant Karma’ she asked us if we could write a role for her, so we did. So on a personal note, it would be great if we could get the funding so she could have the opportunity to act in her first feature. We have all the equipment needed and the location, we just need to get cast and crew up to Orkney’. Open Image Films last feature film ’10 Grams’ was produced and shot in Derby, UK. Louise James, Producer of the film said ‘We could call on cast and crew from Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Lincoln,

Sheffield, Manchester and Birmingham and they could get to set within 1 hour. However, as we are in Orkney we have to get our cast and crew up here and keep them here for the duration of the shoot. This makes film making a little more difficult and a lot more expensive’..
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