Monday 19 December 2016
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MAZE of Collections

Visit our museum of collections and rack your brain in extremely difficult mazes.

What is the game about

All of you are invited to interactively explore my electronic retro-pictorial MAZEum of collection

  • Would you like to venture into the atmosphere of 1970s/80s/90s?
  • Remind what was the envy of every preschooler/schoolboy/schoolgirl?
  • Once again feel the delicious taste of turbo gum, ulker final or cin cin football?

The doors are open to everyone with a hint of nostalgia in his heart and desire to rack one`s brain.


  • You do not only crawl through rooms and exhibits just like that. No, it would be boring.
  • Do you want to hear the stories of bubble gum pictures? comic books? electronic games?
  • Do you want to strain your mind to the limits at the same time?

Our curator - Muko - the hamster - will guide you willingly, but he will not lead you by hand. He will tell some stories about one exhibit or another and … ups, hedisappeared again in the maze.

You are all alone now and you have to earn the next story.


I am a collector - I am collecting stuff for ages - I have no clue whether it`s already a disease or still the hobby - but somehow I manage for now.

Years passing away quicker and quicker so I decided to fulfill my dreams that remind me of my childhood.
Link to the Project:

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