Monday 19 December 2016
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TELL IT WELL – A book that helps people articulate their faith in an authentic way.

Discover what your story is. Use it to find common ground and engage in conversations about faith with grace, confidence, and authenticity.

Tell it Well is a book written by Jennifer Spoelma. “If you’ve ever found it difficult to share your story or have been uncomfortable navigating conversations about faith, you’re not alone,” she says. Tell it Well addresses these concerns. It will take you on a journey to reflect on and articulate your unique story. You will be encouraged to identify the ways God is working in your life, then equipped to explain your faith in a meaningful, relevant way.

The book is both personal and devotional in nature, creating an open space for you to discover your story as you read. There are curated reflection questions at the end of each chapter to guide you to make personal, real-life connections with the content in the book.

Tell it Well is split into three sections, Discover Your Story, Own Your Story and Share Your Story. Each section walks you through a different portion of the process from identifying your story to sharing it with confidence and authenticity.

Discover Your Story focuses on uncovering what ‘your story’ means and why it is an important piece to understanding your value, purpose, relationship with God and ability to create open and honest conversations about faith and religion.

Own Your Story is full of practical steps, advice and examples of how to form your story. You will be challenged to look deeper and wider at your circumstances to find all the special ways God has created and called you.

Share Your Story discusses how your story plays into the bigger picture of spiritual dialogue in our culture. We’ll dive into questions like; What does it mean to find common ground without wavering in your convictions? How can you start a conversation about faith that is based on common ground and understanding? And, How can we overcome negative stereotypes through our personal stories?

Jennifer Spoelma has started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $14,000 in 30 days. If she doesn’t meet her goal, she won’t get any of the money. (Backers of the campaign won’t be charged unless the goal is met.) Jennifer is from Tucson, Arizona. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Writing and works in the communication field as a product education specialist. Clear communication that makes people feel understood, valued and empowered is her jam. Jennifer says “I have been writing on my blog and other platforms since 2013, especially focusing on interview-style posts. These experiences have given me a deep understanding and appreciation of discovering stories and teaching others to do the same.” She loves using words to encourage others. Her prayer is that her words challenge you to turn your attention to God and the work he is doing in your life.

Jennifer says “I want to help you reflect on your life and discover the ways God is working in your life. I believe, once you can articulate your story, you are able to share how God’s grace has transformed your life with confidence.

When we talk about our relationship with Jesus through our personal stories, we demonstrate the beauty and life-changing nature of a relationship with Jesus in a genuine way. Unlike “preaching”, our stories offer a way to engage people, believers and non-believers alike, in a conversation. We can connect through shared experiences that all humans relate to.”

The funds raised will pay for the following expenses: Editing Costs, Design Costs, ISBN Registration, Trademark Registration, Marketing and PR, Printing, Warehousing, Shipping, Fees, Taxes, and Rewards for you!

Exclusive Rewards

Limited Edition Hard Cover Book Special, hardcover copies of Tell it Well will only be available for the book launch! Post launch, only softcover books will be available.

Share Your Hope’ Tee or Tank Super soft and comfy custom tees and tanks! Printed with the encouraging message to ‘Share Your Hope.’ You can choose between a tank or tee and select your size.

Group Discounts As with most things in life, learning to discover and share your story is better when done with a friend (or group of friends!). Gather together your friends, small group or ministry group to pitch in and sponsor a group package. The bigger the package, the bigger the discount!

Skype Fun

It would be an honor for Jennifer to chat with you face-to-face! In fact, she will even put together a specialized teaching for your group. It will be a fun, truth-filled time and you’ll leave knowing the next step to take to share your story well.

She’ll Come to You

If you choose this option, you’ll blow Jennifer away so much she will give you a hug in person! She will also come prepared with a specialized teaching for your group and custom study workbooks.

Progress of the Tell it Well Project

The great news is; the writing is already done! Currently the book is ready to go through the final editing stage, which means you can bet your pretty dollar that this book is, in fact, going to be a real thing!

Writing Tell it Well has been a 12 month process so far. During this time, Jennifer has conducted surveys and interviews to better understand the needs, fears and desires of her audience. She also gathered research on various topics such as religious trends and opinions among Millennials, story telling methodology and the psychological benefits of forming a story from your experiences. These sources, along with scriptural passages and examples have worked together to create the heart of Tell it Well. Personal stories and experiences others have shared with her are included to give context for the ideas shared in the book.

If the project is funded successfully, books will start shipping latest on December 15, 2016.

If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on Jennifer’s Kickstarter page.

Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information:

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