Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Help Us Save Ebrima Khan’s Vision

Mark Landau has started a crowdfunding campaign on gofundme as a goal of raising $5,000 in order to save Ebrima Khan’s vision.

Ebrima Khan grew up in rural Gambia, one of the smallest and poorest of African countries. He is the youngest of 13 children and the only one in the history of his family to get an education. As a child, he walked many miles for it every day. He is losing his eyesight from an infection he got at the age of three. EYE ASSOCIATES OF NEW MEXICO HAS AGREED TO TREAT EBRIMA PRO BONO. THEY FEEL THE PROGNOSIS FOR HIS CONDITION, LONG TERM PTERYGIUM, IS QUITE GOOD. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS GET HIM HERE AND SUPPORT HIM WHILE HE IS HERE.

He is a caring, intelligent, highly motivated, fine young man. He would like to get a higher education in the UK or the US. He did complete his three-year School of Education program and began teaching till the pain, itching and loss of sight forced him to stop. He has returned to his rural village and family due to the expense of living in the city without income.

Ebrima has spent what little he has to go to scores of local healers. He recently traveled to a nearby country and gave his last bit of money and cell phone away to someone who promised he could help. Let’s truly help him by getting this done.


Mark Landau from Santa Fe, New Mexico, After devoting a lifetime to healing and awakening himself and others utilizing therapy, Transcendental and other Meditations, energy and bodywork, 12-step programs, Rebirthing, Shamanic Journey, Soul Retrieval, DNA Activation, Sacred Spirit Healing and esoteric Hindu, Vedic, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hawaiian and Native-American practices, and, ultimately, pretty much giving up on himself for this lifetime as just too damaged.

Mark Landau was gifted with divine guidance to co-create the tool that did for him what nothing else could. He has a Masters in Linguistics and is ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor and now facilitates healing circles and sessions. He worked very closely with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, and studied and worked with four other teachers. By 2002, he had worked with thousands of people worldwide and had one book published and a growing following as a spiritual teacher. But his inner life didn’t reflect this, so he stopped. On 4/29/12, the day after his sixty-sixth birthday, he discovered the technique that finally brought about what he always wanted.

He wrote several books What We Can Do, The Love and Forgiveness Meditation this book contains all you need to practice this new, profound, self-healing technique. May the meditation bring you the joy, love and freedom. I Love You and Forgive You: A True Self-Healing Tool and the Life Around It, The Miracle Revolution is his First Novel Will Launch in October. His Music Fly to Me, If You’ve Got It, Day and Night he wrote these songs in the 70s and 80s.

Mark Landau says about campaign ”For me, this is a rare opportunity to make a huge, desperately needed difference in the life of someone less fortunate. I invite you to join me in making a small or large donation to bring him here for the treatment he so dearly needs, which is already being offered to him for free and which would normally constitute the great bulk of the expense of saving his sight. If we don’t, he will probably languish in blind poverty for the rest of his life instead of advancing his education and benefiting his family, his country and the world as he is so capable of and motivated to doing.”

Any amount would count and it would be much appreciated if you are not able to give then to SHARE SHARE SHARE! Thank you all and much love!

Your support can make a difference
For more information, please visit gofundme page:

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