Tuesday 20 December 2016
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PROMISE WITHOUT WORDS - A unique film to deliver an amazing message to the world

Narrative feature film about the journey of a young man healing from a childhood of sexual abuse.

How many young men really heal and find self-acceptance after being sexually abused in his family when they were children?

In the US more than 91% of all victims were abused or neglected by one or both of their parents.

15 million boys per year are sexually abused in their own families – globally

PROMISE WITHOUT WORDS An extraordinary film that will deliver a stunning message to the world from director Gustavo Letelier to help raise awareness about sexual child abuse in the family, a taboo which exists in many more families than we imagine, Sponsored by NEW LATIN FILM MARKET VIEW, granting cultural gift certificate for tax deducted from US taxpayers Organization non-profit in New York

Sarah Bingham Miller, Executive Director of NUEVA VISTA LATIN FILM MARKET, Sarah’s interest in film began as a graduate student studying Soviet avant-garde film. She’s been involved with Latin American film since 1999, when she began working with a New York-based Latin American film festival. It was her experience promoting this festival that led her to collaborate with Vanessa Erazo in creating Cinelandia, with the aim of providing a nationwide platform for fans and scholars of Latin American film.  Nueva Vista is a way for her to address other needs of the Latin American and U.S. Latino film community.

PROMISE WITHOUT WORDS A story of love, healing and self-acceptance. Francisco is 25 years old and works as a laborer in a healing center for poor people. There he feels loved and secure. He keeps his secret safe from others while trying to write poetically about his past during his childhood and early youth had been seduced and sexually abused by her stepfather Bruno, besides being finally rejected by his own mother Cecilia.

Francisco now living away from the family and tries to live better days in the healing center. He seeks the answers are gradually reaching its spirit and affection that is reaching its heart, the tranquility is recovering in his life. Samuel, a former actor now become a therapist, tries to help Francisco to reveal his secret and heal its history. And when Francis feels ready to talk about his past, he understands that the time is coming back to face his father and stepfather. But life will bring him a stunning surprise. A fictional story which reflects a reality that is also a taboo in many more families than we imagine, worldwide. A film about the long journey toward redemption and acceptance of truth to go forward with their lives.


PROMISE WITHOUT WORDS has an amazing group of really talented players, well-known actors and actresses including:

DIEGO GOUGAIN (as FRANCISCO): Diego is a very talented emerging young Chilean actor playing the leading role in PROMISE WITHOUT WORDS. He graduated not so long ago at the best Theater School in Chile (Universidad Catolica de Santiago). Since then he has been developing an explosive career on the stage, TV and film shorts. This will be his first key role in a feature film for international release.

LORENE PRIETO (as CECILIA): Lorene is a film, TV and stage star. She was born in New Zealand and raised in Switzerland. She graduated at the best Theater School in Chile. She is also a singer and has performed songs besides playing key roles in dramatic content of the largest national networks. She is known for the successful Chilean movies Maldita (2012), Feroz (2010) and El chacotero sentimental: La película (1999).

ALEXEI VERGARA (as BRUNO): Alexei is a prestigious Chilean actor with long prestigious career as stage actor. He has also an extensive academic track record as remarkable acting professor and now directs the Theater School of the Universidad Catolica de Santiago,  His collaboration with director Letelier started many years ago and PROMISE WITHOUT WORDS makes this collaboration happen once more.

MAXIMILIANO MENESES (as SAMUEL): Maximiliano is a very gifted playwriter with several unique plays. He is also an actor with recognized track record on stage and film. He currently works at the theater company Cat on the Back, with residence in Santiago. He is the playwriter of the original work “Bruno” in which PROMISE WITHOUT WORDS is based.

SILVIA NOVAK (as Emily): Silvia is an acclaimed film, stage and TV actress. She has been also a very famous model in commercial and coporate videos. She has been National Jury of many public arts and film funds including the State Grants of the Arts & Culture National Council.

MARIO ALVAREZ (as Jose): Mario is an emerging young actor who has been very successful on the stage and some short films.  He studied at the best Theater School in Chile (Universidad Catolica de Santiago).


A group of passionate and dedicated completely to make this wonderful film.

Gustavo Letelier: director, screenwriter and composer
Paz Franco: executive producer
Eduardo Ahrens: executive producer
Rodrigo Riquelme: finance supervisor
Felipe Miranda: cinematographer and camera
Carolina Ovalle: assistant director
Boris Varela: executive producer

Campaign fixed goal: No money from backers will be touched unless the team reach their goal.


  • Be part of the production
  • spread the campaign creatively
  • involved in the release of the film

Some examples:

ACTING IN FILM: Choose a secondary or additional role of the script, discuss your vision of the character with the director, see the set and acts. You’ll enjoy sharing the experience with us.

YOU 2nd DIRECTOR ASSISTANT (learn the trade with us): The director Letelier is also one of the most recognized Latin American film professors and now will help learn the craft of 2nd Assistant Director, led by the 1st Assistant Director personally supervised by the principal.

YOUR OWN EDITING (and have your own exclusive version for you): The director will discuss with you your ideas about the editing of the film and post - production team will edit and master that version for you.




They have everything well planned to make the movie on time and budget, to deliver the rewards at the specified times and release the film according to our TIMETABLE.
For more information, please visit Indiegogo page:

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