Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Speaking Hands Organization

Speaking Hands is a Unique, Anointed, Powerful Ministry who use Sign Language to interpret Gospel and Inspirational Music. For over 20 years, speaking Hands have bridged the gap between Hearing and Hearing Impaired Communities through that Universal Language, Music. Conferences come to a stand still in awe.

Banquets are transformed into Church Service. Birthday parties become more than a celebration. Sadness at Funerals is replaced with Spiritual comfort. Prayer Breakfast programs are Anointed with the Holy Spirit. Lives young and old are changed.

De’Borah Wiggins-Walters has started a crowdfunding campaign in order to help speaking hands organization. It is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps deaf and hard of hearing families.  It is ran by Dr. Claudette Barrett and her husband Robert Flintroy. They use their own money to fund this program and are in desperate need of help. They do not receive any grants, or funds from the government.

De’Borah Wiggins-Walters daughter attends their once monthly sign language church held on the first Saturday of the month and her 3 year old granddaughter will start their sign language course so that she will be able to communicate with her deaf mother.  They also help the deaf and hard of hearing communities, with food and and utilities. They are presently assisting a homeless family from Honduras with a place to stay until they can find jobs and to find permanent housing.  They teach sign language classes, etiquette classes, entrepreneurial  classes to children. They do so much for the deaf community of Broward County Florida.  This program means so much for her because there is not many organizations that helps the young adults of the deaf communities and because of this organization, her daughter and granddaughter are able to hang out in safe environment with other deaf families and their hearing children.

Please help raise awareness by sharing this campaign with others.

Your support can make a difference

Check out the page below to see more information on the desk:

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