Saturday 15 October 2016
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Dr Bonkers Soundlab LLC Studio Upgrade & IR Pack

Help Dr Bonkers create a world class acoustically floating recording booth and get some mics.

Dr Bonkers needs your help in funding an acoustically isolated recording booth and several microphones so that he does not have to book time at commercial recording studios in order to produce bass cabinet impulse response (ir) packs for Fractal Audio Systems.

My Background:

I have been a professional recording engineer for 25 years and an amateur bass player for even longer. About two years ago, I bought a Fractal Audio Axe FX 2 and my world changed with regards to the possibilities I could see for bassists to get consistent tone without breaking one’s back or spending inordinate amounts of time & money chasing tone. The key for me in getting my tone was really good bass cabinet impulse response files (aka ir’s), but there were not many options on the market for doing so. Impulse response files are used so that bass players may simulate playing through expertly recorded bass cabinets at a fraction of the cost to record and own such recording hardware and equipment.

What I Am Currently Doing:

Recently I have jumped into the market selling bass cabinet ir files through Fractal Audio’s website and I am very excited to bring you the sonic possibilities of bass cabinet ir files that may be used with Fractal products, such as Cab Lab, Ax-8, and all varieties of Axe-FX 2 .

The current products I have brought to market are:…

What Is the Limiting Issue for Dr Bonkers Soundlab? 

While I have amassed a considerable personal mic collection, I am still missing some key microphones and an acoustically isolated space in my northern New Jersey, USA living quarters that forces me to book commercial studio time. Due to the scheduling at commercial studios as well as the expense for taking 10 to 20 hours of studio time to capture the impulses for each cab pack, this really limits my ability to get more bass cabinet packs out to the bass playing community in a timely manner.

What makes me different and why should you invest in my business?

There are other bass cabinet ir providers out there and they do a great job. Here is where I am different:

  • mic technique honed over many years as a staff and freelance recording engineer
  • larger variety of mic choices for bass cabinets
  • experience in capturing cabinet sounds that are usable in many musical genres & able to be shaped to get “your tone” in a mix ready context for recording or live use
  • technique that removes power amp coloration from the ir files so that your Fractal modeler/software can give you “your tone” without any extra power amp coloration baked in the files
  • making editorial type decisions regarding optimal mic position file choices to reduce your potential analysis paralysis
  • treating the cabinet capture process as an archiving of a historical example of a bass cabinet with no post capture extra eq/filtering or dynamics processing.

About Project Creator:

Dr 1

Hi, I’m Mike “Dr. Bonkers” Santasiero and I am the owner and chief engineer of Dr Bonkers Soundlab LLC.

Mike “Dr. Bonkers” Santasiero has been a recording engineer and producer with over 25 years of experience capturing sounds tailor made for an artist’s creative vision. Dr Bonkers Soundlab LLC is a provider of bass cabinet impulse response (IR) files for Fractal Audio Systems products.

Fractal Audio is the exclusive seller of my files, which are used so that bass players may simulate playing through expertly recorded bass cabinets at a fraction of the cost to own and record such equipment.
Link to the Project:

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