Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Help Beth Sturdevant to conduct Warriors of the Light Training Camp

Warriors of the Light Training Camp programs combines Warrior-inspired spiritual, mental and physical training to help participants establish a deeper sense of courage, selflessness and grace in their everyday lives.

By connecting these 3 important elements into the training through Warrior Workshops, Jiu-Jitsu, Japanese Swordsmanship, Yoga , Strength Training and other Warrior-inspired modalities, Warrior Queen, and her associates help to free people from the effects of wars raging inside their minds that are affecting their daily lives. Warriors of the Light Training teaches us how to master self-discipline and fearlessness so that we may face the challenges of daily opposition with more love, compassion and forgiveness.

In learning to combat our own egos and celebrate the basic goodness inside and all around us, we can start to spread a kinder, more unanimous sense of peace and understanding to all mankind.

Warrior Queen’s Mission

To build an army of fearless and compassionate Warriors who help point the way to a new future for women around the world.

The Aim of the training camp is to help people 

  • Protect and heal their bodies, minds and spirits.
  • Be more authentic in their everyday lives
  • Lead with goodness in their hearts
  • Be more patient with their journeys and the timing of events
  • Be kinder to themselves and to the people in their lives
  • Become emotionally bulletproof
  • Establish fearlessness in their lives
  • Trust what they know and feel to be true
  • Find forgiveness and compassion for all
  • Fall in love with themselves in a whole new way

The Warriors Of The Light Training Camp will become a  training and retreat centre to host weekend and week-long workshops designed to teach people how to shift into fearless, kind-hearted, compassionate citizens, who manage their every day lives with more confidence, goodness and peace in their hearts, ultimately radiating that generosity out into the world around them.

Campaign goal is to build a retreat centre that is an eco friendly, self-sustaining complex, complete with comfortable lodgings and a fully-catered dining centre,. The grounds will include and area for tent and trailer camping, indoor and outdoor military-designed obstacle courses, as well as an indoor facility to house our workshops and other trainings.

To be self-sustaining, their plan is to establish a hobby farm. As well, they will construct a ranch and board therapeutic horses for comprehensive Warrior riding programs.

To help off set the cost and maintenance effort of running the hobby farm and ranch, and to further build a community atmosphere while supporting those who need a little extra assistance, we will offer volunteer-in-lieu options. Participants may apply to work on their farm and ranch in exchange for room and board.

Upon completion of each program, participants will be gifted a personalized pendant and certificate, knowing only steadfast Warriors who have completed the courses will have earned them. 

Beth Sturdevant (Warrior Queen) is passionate about helping others shed the layers of harmful habitual “thinking” and “doing” that shape us over the years, and evolving back into the intrinsically fearlessly, loving, compassionate, brave Warriors we were all born to be.

Various trials and tribulations throughout Beth’s lifetime have tested her to conquer many arduous journeys and steep mountains, yet it was because of her beliefs in the natural goodness of everyone and the process of her journey, that led Beth to persevere and find the strengths she needed to face her fears and keep growing.

Beth’s strong desire to keep learning and growing is evident in her path: earing two Bachelors degrees in Canada and the United States, living and performing around the world, apprenticing with a former NHL strength coach, working professionally as a Personal Trainer, teaching in public schools, managing a Suzuki music school, maintaining her professional career as a cellist and a teacher, honing her skills as an Energy Healer through Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy, and currently, pursuing her 2-year Angel Therapy training with master teacher/healer Algonquin Medicine Man of the 8th Fire, compassionately raising two children.

These combined experiences have led Beth on her current path and destiny as Warrior Queen. Her purpose in creating Warriors of the Light Training Camp is to help others around the world discover their inner Warriors as well.

Beth Sturdevant has started a gofundme campaign with a goal of raising $10,000. Your donations will be used towards making the vision and mission of Warriors of the Light Training Camp a reality, in turn helping to spread goodness, compassion, forgiveness and love into the world.

Thank you! Please spread the word and help this project!
Have a look at the gofundme link below for more information:

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