Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Dreamcatchers Women’s Professional Baseball

Girls are often told they can’t play baseball. Help us show girls they can. Join our Fan Club.

Inspiring Girls Through Pro Women’s Baseball

Dreamcatchers is a barnstorming professional women’s baseball club showcasing many of baseball’s best players. Headlining the Dreamcatchers is French shortstop, Melissa Mayeux, who just made history as the first woman on MLB’s international draft list. The Dreamcatchers home park is historic Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY.

Dreamcatchers will inspire millions of baseball fans who have dared to wonder what Major League Baseball’s first female player might look like. As she might just look like a Dreamcatcher.

The Impact: Why We Need the Dreamcatchers

​A former major leaguer and current minor league coach asked his 3 year old daughter to go outside with him and go practice hitting. She responded, “Daddy, girls don’t play baseball.” Shocked by her answer he asked her where she got that idea. His sharp and observant daughter explained, “because I have never seen a girl player at any of your games.”

To be it is to see it. The Dreamcatchers is a women’s professional baseball club inspiring girls and boys to follow their dreams. All of our players are committed to being community role models and serving as baseball ambassadors. With the Dreamcatchers leading the way girls will know they have a place in this great game. Without limitatations, encouraged by all, girls can pursue their own baseball glory. And between the fun, the life lessons, and the pursuit of the dream, she just might become the next Dreamcatcher.

On the impact of the Dreamcatchers, Mayor of Cooperstown Jeff Katz predicts,  “the women who play in Cooperstown will be as much an inspiration as the Hall of Famers residing on the other side of Main Street.
About Project Creator:

Justine Siegal

I am the first woman to coach for a MLB organization (2015) and to throw batting practice to a Major League Baseball team (2011). To give girls the opportunities to be in baseball, I founded the nonprofit Baseball For All. I received a PhD in Sport Psychology from Springfield College and am a graduate of the MLB Scout Development Program. What gets me up in the morning is helping girls know they have a place in baseball. I want them to know there are no limits.        My site:

Link to the Project:

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