Monday 27 June 2016
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Help us bring aquaponics to the Philippines


Hunger is not a question of fate!

Be part of an ambitious sustainable development program in the Philippines installing turnkey, closed-loop and indoor BioGreens aquaponics farming units dedicated to communities living in rural areas and remote islands.

Our BioGreens aquaponics farming units produce organic fruits, vegetables and fishes to bring these communities fibers, vitamins and proteins for a healthy life at a low price.

Our BioGreens aquaponics farming units are managed and financed by the communities themselves through micro-financing from non-stock, non-profit and non-political duly registered local cooperatives.

Help us promoting economic and social development for productive, democratic and self-reliant communities based on the principle of solidarity!



BioGreens farming unit

An horizontal/vertical BioGreens farming unit is a set of:

  • A fish tank
  • A fish food tank
  • Horizontal/vertical plants growbeds
  • A seeding unit
  • Growing led lights
  • Solar panels to power led lights
  • Batteries to power led lights (bad weather conditions)
  • A supervision system for caring and maintenance purposes



About Project Creator:

Jane Agudo, Paranaque City, Philippines

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I am a biologist and together with my husband, an automation engineer French national, we have worked for the past two years on an aquaponics system easy to manufacture, install and maintain at a reasonnable price.


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