Wednesday 21 December 2016
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STANDOUT Publications - Canadian Art Magazine Monthly Print in Fall 2016


STANDOUT Publications is a magazine created by Canadian artists about Canadian art. Our mission is to make your life more colourful, more beautiful, more juicy by bringing you monthly doses of Canadian creativity. We focus on the five major categories: visual arts, wearable, performance, literary and culinary in the major cities across Canada. They write, photograph, act and direct, model and make us laugh. We are exposing the talents and artist entrepreneurs to make the art lovers of Canadian art culture more richer, fuller and more interesting. We are aiming to print 10,000 prints in November and start printing monthly after that.

STANDOUT Publications is excited to announce it is in the process of re-branding and re-launching its much celebrated creative arts magazine.

“We are rebranding,” enthusiastically states Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes CEO and editor-in-chief. “We see a need to reach a broader audience and bring our publication to the mainstream.”

STANDOUT feels there is a gap in our current media culture. “We feel Canadian artists and our unique creativity needs to be more widely understood, appreciated and celebrated. And we are a company on a mission to make this happen,” Tessa adds.

For the past six years, STANDOUT Publications has been profiling the creative arts industry including fashion, photography, art/ design and lifestyle. Their new magazine will continue to be trendy and elegant overflowing with images, riveting interviews, cutting edge articles and news. The main difference will be its national scope and wider distribution.

STANDOUT’S world class team of writers, photographers, editors and artists are hard at work on their inaugural issue. “For this reason, we will not be releasing our May 2016 issue,” states Tessa, “but we promise the wait will be worth it.”

The goal of STANDOUT magazine is to catapult Canadian artists into the limelight in a way that allows Canadians to become more aware of and personally connected to our diverse expressions of creativity. We are a magazine by artists about artists for all Canadians.

“We say move over movie stars. Watch out weatherman. Take a pause politician,” laughs Toran Lanthier. “Here come superheroes that paint, draw, sing, dance, create, photograph, design, model and collectively make our lives more colorful, more beautiful, and more juicy.”

STANDOUT Publications: Celebrating Canadian Creativity is expected to hit mainstream stores in major cities across the country in the Fall of 2016. Stay tuned!

For more information contact Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes at or visit our web-site at:
About Project Creator:

Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes

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My name is Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes and I am 29 years old, a creative wife and mother. I am also deaf which I can speak and do ASL (American Sign Language) I have been an avid artist since a young girl and grew passionate about graphic design in my 7 years of schooling at Red Deer College and Mount Royal University. I am motivated to create the next biggest Canadian publication about the art culture.

My team contains 19 members who believe and are also passionate in their job fields. I believe that we are filling a gap that’s missing in the Canadian art media culture and would love to fill that gap with our publication.
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