Wednesday 21 December 2016
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A fun to assemble clock

A 3d printed easy to assemble clock …

The idea behind the clock is to make a simple yet elegant 3d printed and easy to assemble clock. It can be put together even by a grade 4 student. The clock consists of a simple stepper motor driven mechanism controlled by an Arduino based micro controller.

This is a simple clock based on a single geared stepper motor .The motor is basically a 1:30 geared motor working at 12v with a 3mm shaft. The single motor is driven by a attiny2313 and l293dd circuit with the coded written in arduino ide. The single motor moves a gear train which in turn moves the minute ring and hour ring. The attiny pulses the motor every minute to move the minute wheel and the hour wheel.

The clock is available in the kit form and is very easy to assemble and program. The idea of the kit is to get children as well as adults involved in building it and understanding the working of a simple clock as well as as get a introduction to programming micro controllers.

About Project Creator:

Ekaggrat singh Kalsi

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I am an Architect / Industrial designer currently working in Beijing.

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