Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Last Mile

Last Mile is a start-up social business in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Our mission is to improve access to life-changing products to the last-mile. We do this through a growing network of trained, local sales agents. Our team recruits and trains local youth and women to be effective sales agents within their own communities.  As a result, our impact is two-fold: improved access and improved livelihoods. Communities benefit from improved access to the products that can solve every-day challenges and from new employment and income-generating opportunities.

Products our agents are currently selling include solar-powered lights and home systems, nutritional supplements to combat malnutrition, and reusable feminine hygiene products to improve health and opportunity of women and girls.

As a start-up, a little goes a long way. We are raising money to cover the costs of our operations and activities.  These include holding recruitment sessions in communities in Kilimanjaro, training sessions with our agents, and the working capital required to purchase inventory for our sales agents.  We focus all of our resources on our sales agents and their customers, and all donations will have a massive impact on the lives of the people who we work with!
See what your donations will support:

$5: one package of reusable pads

$10: one solar lamp

$25: one sales agent starter kit (sample products, carrier bag, name tag, receipt book)

$50: one sales agent to complete our training program

$75: sales agent training + sales agent starter kit

$100: two sales agents trained OR solar-powered home system

$250: bicycle for a sales agent to use while selling in their community
In the future, we hope that Last Mile is a self-sustainable social enterprise which has the ability to grow and scale across the country, and even into other countries. For now, we appreciate all of the help and support from donations to help us get up and running!

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