Monday 4 April 2016
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Pretty Kitty Fuzzy

PKF is a Cat-Tastic 2D side-scrolling shooter! Stand up to all the big meanies with the power of positivity and save the universe!


Pretty Kitty Fuzzy (or PKF for short) is a 2D side-scrolling shooter that plays like the old 90’s arcade shooters (Gradius, Einhander, R-Type). The game gives a retro feel with SNES chiptune-style music with 16-bit pixel graphics. We also incorporated modern “bullet-hell” elements to make the game intense and challenging. The game has a humorous light-hearted story and theme that parodies popular Japanese magical senshi anime (think Sailor Moon, Sympho Gear, Cardcaptor Sakura) with other cartoon elements. As Fuzzy, traverse through dimensions saving the universe with the power of love and positivity!

PKF is loaded with fun and adventure. The game we are producing is small and simple scope wise but has some game features.

The game features are:

  • 9 stages to traverse through to defeat the evil snake witch Anguis.
  • 9 intense boss fights.
  • Fluffy magical cats!
  • A score system to challenge yourself and your friends.
  • A horde mode called Meanie Mayhem! Fight hordes of monsters and defeat the boss!
  • Great chiptune music done by artist JKLOL
  • Choose from 3 unique playstyles!
  • CHEAT CODES!!! Remember when cheating in games was free? Relive that era with passwords that do    things!
  • Humorous gameplay and themes for all ages.


About Project Creator:

Antoine Baker

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I’m just a guy who wants to achieve his dreams and ultimately strengthen his community by creating an industry and facilitating growth.


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