Monday 4 April 2016
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Exhibition in Barcelona. “We’re made dust” by Mareo

Join the dream to achieve a solo Exhibition in Barcelona of an emerging artist and get prints and original artworks.


Estamos hechos polvo” is a project of contemporary art exhibition where a reflection on the matter and the natural territory conceived as an energy mantle and how it is transformed, wearing out, lightening weight over time, to return to their origin.

  • The project consists of more than 30 works, including paintings, drawings and sculptures; which they plan to be shared and exhibited in a cultural center of the city of Barcelona, in the month of March.
  • The funds will be invested in materials and production costs.


Your help is very important to make this exhibition a reality, contributing to spread Latin American culture and art in the world. The contributions at all levels are appreciated and welcome; If you can not help financially you can do it by sharing this campaign to all your contacts.

Thank you very much for your generosity and support for the arts!


About Project Creator:

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Mario Rodriguez Echeverry 

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I am Mario Rodriguez , Colombian architect and artist based in Barcelona. Since I can remember painting and art have always been part of my environment, I find in it an escape, a form of meditation and specially my best language and way of expression; Over the years this passion has grown and solidified to become one of the foundation pillars of my life.

1981 Architect and visual artist born in México D.F., raised in Medellín, Colombia and based in Barcelona, Spain.

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