Tuesday 29 November 2016
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ME n’ E - Elec. Bike Assist - 2lbs, 2min, $200

ME n’ E is the best of you(Me) and E-power- it is smart enhanced cycling, at an affordable price.

The 1st offering is the lowest cost, and lightest add-­on enhancement for bikes available. At just 2lbs-(battery included) and taking just 2 minutes to install, it will be offered at pricing starting at $200­-retail, for a complete system through crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

This 1st product. ​ME n’ E​ is what the name suggests, it is a balance of human (your­ – ME) power and electric power. The effort you make the more help you get, from the 250­-500 watt motor system. The intent is to make cycling and exercise simply more fun, not to replace your effort with battery power but to create a fusion of human and electric power to flatten hills, “hold your own” with stronger riders, and allowing you to go farther. Hence the name, Me­- (my effort) and E ­electric motor and battery support.

The system is designed for a top assisted speed, in the US of 20 mph(32kph) and Europe and Asia at 16mph (25kph) or customized for your application, for larger volume customers.

See full story and details: ​ http://pe­

How it Works?

Me n’ E, unlike some other products, is not intended to make your bike into an e-bike — but to create a fusion of your pedaling effort with clean electric power. The added electric power flattens the feel of hills, enhances your ride, and reduces your sweat — all while putting a big smile on your face.

Me n’ E uses friction contact with the tire, like several other low-weight drives. The motor drive roller presses into the tire to transmit power and is activated by your initial pedal cadence. When the motor senses that you have begun pedaling, the system begins simulating the power you are providing and the power increases, as you increase your effort. If you cease to maintain the same pace or effort, the system reduces power to match what your are providing.

You cannot trick the system to provide power if you do not provide your own. The experience is the most natural and exhilarating you may ever have on a bike. Human effort and electric power just simply go well together.

This is not a simple cadence throttle, as Me n’ E‘s software knows when your effort is greater — even if your legs are not moving quickly.

The system will also let you know when it is time to shift gears, as it pauses when you have reached the maximum rpm for the gear ratio. The momentary pause signals that it’s time to shift.

Me n’ E does its magic by adding power whenever you add power, but without using sensors and wires. It knows when you need help by using a proprietary algorithm. It takes no tools or skills to install or remove in 2 minutes or less.

We wanted to make the system feel like normal cycling, allowing normal exercise, while having only a 2-lb (.9kg). weight penalty (batteries included), making time on your bike feel even better than you might expect.

About PEDrives

PEDrives LLC is a spin-off company of the brushless motor/controller manufacturer Transmag BLDC, located in Northern California.

The mission of PED is the development and sale of a line of brushless DC-based traction motor drive systems for transportation technologies. Its 1st product lines are designed for bicycles. It is intended that the 35 years+ experience of its founders will lead to a series of low-weight, low-cost power drive options for bikes, motor bikes, small 3-4 wheel vehicles and water applications.

The Team

Our small team of engineers and designers  -includes the co-founder of ZAP bikes, the previous project head of the Corbin Sparrow, the designer of the world’s first folding electric scooter, and many other e-bike and electric power industry contributions — both as designers, environmentalists, publishers and CEO’s. We come with a wealth of business, ebike, and environmental “street cred”.

About Project Creator:

Joe Stevenson

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I have been designing and consulting and selling electric propulsion systems since 1985. Founded and was CEO for a number of companies in this field. Designed the 1st folding electric scooter, and numerous other products.

Was also the publisher of a nationally distributed alternative technology publication. I and a few others now wish to create new drive enhancements for small electric transports.
Link to the Project:–3/

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