Monday 4 April 2016
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Willy Stik …. the “SEXY” lip balm

Willy Stik is the perfect “gag” gift guaranteed to get a smile. The “Sexy” Lip balm that is head and balls over the rest!


Willy Stik™ is a new fun and cheeky natural lip balm product! Each Willy Stik Pak contains a skin/pink-colored “head” to apply to the lid of the lip balm and “balls” which allows it to stand up for all to see!

The natural flavored lip balm is wrapped in the same shade of pink so when you put the head and balls on it looks like a penis lip balm! This funny and unique novelty will guarantee to get a laugh! Plus, the lip balm is an all-natural ingredient moisturizer and everything is MADE IN THE USA. Are you looking for a gift that is different and gets attention? A gift that has the right amount of humor and shock-value that everyone says, “WOW!?” Well then, Willy Stik is the gift for you that will be remembered. We want to bring fun, shock, and humor to everyone with a lip balm, so help us complete Will Stik. This product was imagined by a team that wants to make people smile. Help us FREE THE WILLY and bring smiles to the masses through Willy Stik….the “sexy” lip balm :-).

Nothing makes you smile like a Willy Stik! Willy is your very own “cheeky chappy” lip balm. It’s the perfect “gag” gift that is unique, fun, sexy, and gets a smile. Each Willy Stik pack has an easy to slip on head and balls and an all natural ingredient lip balm. Made in the USA in a pinkish color so it looks like a willy. Finally a willy you want to put your lips on :-)

Risks and challenges

We have been building Willy Stik™ for two years, testing out materials and making prototypes to get the right “look and feel” and it was critical to choose all natural ingredients and ensure the other materials used was silicone, PVC, and latex free. It has to be fun, engaging, quirky, humorous, get the right WOW response, and provide a real world benefit all without being crude.


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Willy Stik was created by a design team that loves to make unique, fun products that have a practical purpose too. Our team has created many products for various markets. Willy Stik was designed to bring a smile to your faces and moisture to your lips :-)

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