Monday 4 April 2016
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Calle y Grita (Street Screams)

The REAL impact & influence of Latin American Street Art. Art overcomes repression!

Hi, my name is Elisa Montero Quijije.

I am a street artist, painter and illustrator from Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 2012 me & my friends founded DINAMO GENERADORES DE ARTE, an Art Collective devoted to creating opportunities for independent artists.

CALLE y GRITA is not just another art book. It is the product of being immersed in a repressive culture that condemns public expression with jail time. The book narrates a journey through self understanding and coming to terms with the limitations that society imposes upon us, only to overcome them!!

CALLE y GRITA compiles more than 3 years of love filled work. It comes with 8 beautiful postcards that you can share with friends & family, 4 stickers and 1 “perception lens”.

Street Art is all about overcoming repression. From Guayaquil, Ecuador, Elisa Montero has made evident her irreverence for the modern methods of control. Time and time again she has enlightened the streets of her and your neighborhood with illustrative reflections on the impact capitalist society has on us.

Calle y Grita (Street Screams), Elisa´s first art book tells the visual story of what it´s like to overcome every possible obstacle to be able to develop artistically in an undernourished and unappreciating society. Montero´s broad and definite brushstrokes trascend the plane of fearfulness and place her under a long tradition of abstract expressionists. With her Indiegogo campaign, Montero hopes to let the world know that it is indeed possible to find happiness through art regardless of what the world throws at you and she is sharing her story, her work and art materials for you to discover your way to be happy through art as well.

About Project Creator:

Elisa Montero Quijije

Guayaquil,Ecuador February 2, 1984. After graduating from Guayaquil Fine Arts School,  she got involved in Street Art and fused her style with Graffitti technique.    She´s created several brands including TOING and MARACUYA FRUTA ACIDA.


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