Sunday 3 April 2016
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Free Water London

Free Water will hand out millions of bottles of water across London completely free of charge.


Free Water is a London based company. We are going to provide Londoners with thousands of free bottles of water completely free of charge. Free Water will become as much a part of London commuter’s lives as a free newspaper. Not only are we going to make a difference in London, 100% of our profits are given to Water for Africa, who provide water to thousands in West Africa.

Due to this fact, we can’t approach traditional investment routes, so we are asking Londoners to help us out and donate what they can so water can be free for years to come.


It is a simple concept. We plan to advertise on water bottles in order to make them commercially viable and be able to give them away for free. Commuters would use their free bottles to refill during the day, and in so doing they will continue to advertise wherever they drink from their bottle – at work, in the gym, in the park with their children, on their bicycle.


Water For Africa was founded in 2002 with the aim of bringing lasting change to the people of Africa. Starting with the most basic of all necessities, water, the charity set out to disrupt the old aid model and embed fundamental change that lasts a lifetime. For 13 years Water For Africa has delivered dozens of successful projects and changed the lives of thousands of people. And with the help of Free Water they will be able to expand their projects to many thousands more. Everyone should have access to clean water and we at Free Water are proud to say we are helping to make this dream a reality through our partnership with Water For Africa.

Free Water was set up with one goal, to make a difference in London and across Africa. We aim to distribute over five million free bottles of water to Londoners per year, and expect to become as much a part of a Londoner’s daily commute as a free newspaper. 100% of our profits will be donated directly to a grass roots charity called Water For Africa (WFA), who helps West African communities gain what we take for granted, regular access to clean drinking water.

Every bottle of Free Water will make a huge difference to millions of people’s lives around the world.  And by investing from as little as £1 today into Free Water today you can personally help change the way millions of people can access water on a daily basis – in London and in Africa.


About Project Creator:

James Longcroft

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I was born and brought up in London, and I love this city. I believe that water shouldn’t cost a fortune and such a basic human need should be free to enjoy. William Joy and I set up Free Water to change the way Londoners enjoy bottled water.

We believe we can make a huge difference to people’s lives by the simple act of giving them a free bottle. Not only will Londoners benefit from Free Water but 100% of our profits go to providing water to those who need it the most in Africa.

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