Friday 29 July 2016
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Abacus To Keyboard, A New Way To Teach Math

A new way to teach math. A way teachers can teach kids. (All of this is sponsored by

We are a starting business with the main headquarters based in Macedonia, Skopje. We are trying to change education for the better., we want to take Math to the next big step. Our main goal is to turn the BoB abacus into a USB Keyboard. Hopefully it will not fail. You still have a chance to join yourself. You either need to be able to talk English or Macedonian, Know coding, not all are required.

An attempt to create a change in the learning of math with computers. This will use a BoB (BrainoBrain) abacus and a pc software to solve math problems!

Risks & Challenges

The Problems That We Could and Most Likely Will Face

  • We have a small development team. It could take a long time to build a prototype
  • If we face these challenges we  will keep trying


Link to the Project:

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