Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Vermilion Syndicate: Welcome to the Unraveling

Vermilion: a shady corporation YOU can believe in.

Vermilion Syndicate is a hoax, an art project, a satire and most of all, a nefarious corporation. It doesn’t take itself seriously because it doesn’t take anything seriously. No sector of public American life is safe, this project pokes fun at politics, medicine, finance and industry, all in its signature corporate overlord voice. With this project, our Division of Advertising and Propaganda releases a short book of missives and Classic Americana prints made on fine archival paper.

Nostalgic, vivid, playful and vicious, Vermilion prints and missives will suck you into the world of tomorrow with the halcyon glow of America’s past. Remember when corporate advertising was sepia toned Norman Rockwell paintings selling just the right vacuum cleaner to the American housewife? Vermilion remembers too.

The American Corporation has long been an intimate bedfellow in the American home. We sing jingles in our sleep and see dancing raisins in our dreams. Vermilion celebrates the American coziness with corporate culture, and America deserves a new kind of corporation.
About Project Creator:

Elliot Salome

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Elliot Salome is Vermilion Syndicate’s Head of Demolitions- Logistics Division.

Her role with the Syndicate has grown naturally from years of professional experience in alchemy and salacious commerce.
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