Wednesday 21 December 2016
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The Villain

The Villain is a fantasy/ thriller to be developed as a TV series for American television.

The Villain” is about time travelers, and is set in an alternate Earth universe in the distant future on a small island in the Pacific. According to an old legend of the island, every hundred years out of the sea rise warriors from different historical periods who fight the battle of their life. Some of the warriors fight because they are driven to kill and to win, while others fight for a cause. In 2036, we encounter two men. One of them has acquired great power as a dictator of his people. He is highly regarded, but that is only a disguise that hides his true, barbaric nature. He tries to discover the true identity of a mysterious avenger who fights his regime and vows to destroy him. That avenger is one of his closest officers who works undercover at his headquarters, and who also arrived from the past. At the beginning of the 19th century, he was a warrior that believed in the ideals of Romanticism. The old legend says one of them is going to lose the battle, but both will do everything to win!

The situation becomes complicated when the wife of the dictator tries to seduce the mysterious avenger. At the same moment, he falls for a third female warrior from Ancient Rome. The developing events cause the spawning of two warring clans and an epic fight where the winner takes all. Who will win the game of corruption, lies, and struggle for power between past and present?

Ivana Tucak is a published novelist, historian, teacher and writer who specializes in different types of adventure fiction. The novel she published (Adventure/ Drama/ Espionage) is set in Europe, at the beginning of the 19th century and follows the life and times of a soldier in the Napoleonic army. As a historian, she’s an expert in the field of war history.
About Project Creator:

Ivana Tucak, novelist and screenwriter from Croatia, wrote this original screenplay for a TV pilot because she has a passion for adventure and excitement. The target audience for this TV series are men and women, age 18-49, fans of fantasy and science fiction, and those who watch TV shows like “Outlander”, “Game of Thrones” or “The Man in The High Castle”. Characters in “The Villain” also travel through time, a story element that is very attractive to the target audience.
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