Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Investigation into the human being crime intention

This book is an incursion into the human being transgression intention.

Every day we hear news about committed crimes. Millennia of history have not taught us much, and we are still eliminating the effects without thinking about the causes. But what moves the human being when he produce a crime of any kind? Why is he committing something illegal or inmoral? What kind of thinking perpetuate the crime? Is the prison a society in miniature and works as such and is a place where one can understand its way of functioning? I answer to all these questions in an essay/fable.

One day, in October of 2005, I got to the prison for another kind of crime: a kidnaping of a known (supposed) drug dealer in the coast of crime in Spain (Costa del Sol). Though arrested by coincidence: my then girlfriend denounced me to police, even if she realized her mistake later. It was not her real intention and she was very sorry, but it was too late. Two years later, I was sentenced to 24 years of prison. The man I kidnaped was to powerful, and he proved it when got me behind the bars for such a long term.

From the very beginning of my convict, I asked myself: why did I did it? Why human beings commit transgressions of all kind? Then I started to look after answers. Philosophy, psychology, history, archeology and not in the last classic literature. Started with Diogenes and Plato, and finished with modern philosophers and thinkers, never ignoring the Bible of course. I admired Dostoyevsky and Nietzsche, and specially admired Albert Camus and his work “The Rebel”. I’ve been looking for answers for all my questions, and finally got it. Therefore, this book is a result of all this work: thousands days spent in prisons reading rooms. Finally, it is possible to answer to this question: what push human beings to commit all kind of offenses.

In the essay/fable there are meetings every day, where existential questions being disputed dialectically. The forest in the book is allegorical, so is a hint about the prison. It is going also about the psychological and physical torture that happen in prisons all over the world, as well as about intellectual violence exercised by one human being to other.

In this sense, this book is unique. It looks weird but never in the history had people written such a book, at least as far as I know. Less of all this kind of book was written from the prison: so supposed capital of the immorality. And then after thousands of years, we still look at the effects without analyzing the causes. We see daily on the television and internet that people have such an ambition that they don’t mind to destroy other peoples life if it’s “necessary”. They are constantly corrupted by power and money. They destroy the earth simply because they can’t stop earning money. Our crime intention is present even when we admit our generals to attack other nations, knowing that it’s all about money. Moral felony is present when we do something in our own interest knowing that it will bring that person to lose something, even if it’s legal. Today the law is not such a big problem for those who want to make money in an illicit way, especially when they pay an army of lawyers.
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Viorel Tsiple

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I was born in September of 1972, and supposed to lead a quiet life. Then later, while studied in a university (economics, marketing) I suddenly realized that it could not be this way, it was like a kind of energy that push me to have more risky life style. Which I liked. Therefore, I choose another way: smart, quick and easy money, monetary crimes, etc.
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