Tuesday 29 November 2016
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TRUMP YOU! and HILL YEAH! Card Games

TRUMP YOU! and HILL YEAH! are unique collectible card games commemorating the most dramatic presidential election in US history.

TRUMP YOU! and HILL YEAH! are simple, humorous, fun games that will engage players of all ages.

Regardless of your position on the political establishment, status quo in Washington, confidence in large corporations, the news media, the financial industry, free trade or immigration, this unique and collectable game is for you!

Play endless rounds of TRUMP YOU! and/or HILL YEAH! with family and friends and enjoy the spirit of competition along with the laughs and political banter that are sure to follow.

About The Game

TRUMP YOU! And HILL YEAH! plays like the classic “Old Maid” card game and is designed for two (2) to eight (8) players.

With an uneven number of cards (51), there are a total of 25 pairs and one (1) additional card, which serves as the “old maid” (guess who?). The TRUMP YOU! playing card decks will include iconic images synonymous with Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The HILL YEAH! playing card deck includes iconic images synonymous with Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The Objective

The objective of the game is to use a variety of card playing strategies and collect as many pairs as possible. Discard matching pairs, and avoid having the “TRUMP YOU!” or “HILL YEAH!” card at the end of the game. Or, switch it around and make the person holding the “old maid” card at the end of the game the winner.

The Directions

Choose a dealer. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals out the entire deck, one card at a time. It is ok if the amount of cards per person is uneven.

Players look at their own cards and place any matching pairs face up in front of them. The dealer starts the game and offers his/her hand to the player on their left. The player pulls one card from the dealer’s hand - without seeing it - and adds it to their own hand. If that card makes a pair, that player then discards the pair. If the card does not complete a pair, the card remains in the hand of the player who pulled the card. The player who just took a card, then offers their hand to the next player to the left and so on. Once a player gets rid of all of their cards, they are safely out of the game.

The play continues until everyone is safe except one player. That player will be left holding the “Trump” or “Hillary” card and everyone else around the table say in unison, “TRUMP YOU!” or “HILL YEAH!” to end the game.

The Cards

Our poker-sized playing cards are printed on Professional 310gsm German Linen or Smooth card stock.  This card stock is professional grade casino paper produced by Koehler in Germany and printed in the USA. The cards have a carbon center core, thereby preventing light from shining through.

The Idea

With a combination of a love of humor, politics, and working on projects at breakneck speed with fellow entrepreneurs, our card game emerged. Further, our idea capitalizes on the belief that humor is disarming, that everyone should be well informed politically and that we all ought to cherish living in the greatest country in the world, where anyone has the capacity to live the entrepreneurial dream. Recognizing the unconventional approach and distinctively unique styles of the candidates TRUMP YOU! and HILL YEAH! emerged as their respective battle cry.
About Project Creator:

Jamie Seeker

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I have spent years of my life, working at one company at a time, using my talents to improve business operations at non-profits, large franchises, charities, retail, industrial and locally owned private businesses covering multiple industries. Over these years I learned so much about the needs and obstacles that organizations face and knew that I could make a bigger impact and reach a larger scale by taking my experience a step further.

I decided to take my knowledge and expertise public and started my own company, Seeker Solution, LLC. It was through Seeker Solution that I was approached by “TRUMP YOU!” and “HILL YEAH!” card game creator, R234EVER, LLC. They invited me to join the team and bring this fun and exciting game to the marketplace and here we are today!
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