Tuesday 29 November 2016
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EP by TOTWM Music

EP by TOTWM Music Contains 10 songs. View songs at:

TOTWM Entertainment is a start-up entertainment company investing in visual media, audio media, and film media. As of now the audio media divisions have started thru TOTWM Music, along with TOTWM Records. TOTWM Records is the Hip/Hop exclusive division, it currently has 6 artists under its belt. Links for everything will be provided below. I am Peter Markham or TOTWM Music and I am also the CFO for all subsidiaries TOTWM Entertainment is the Parent for, also known as Pistol I have dabbed with rapping myself but prefer to produce, that being said I am going to explain to you how I make my tracks.

I have no rule of thumb when it comes to making a track, I could go in set to make an EDM song and it could turn out to be an even better hip/hop beat. The point is, producing music is like making a puzzle but you piece it together how you want. More or less you’re a conductor of sound, introducing new layers bit by bit, creating something people can enjoy listening to. I am 22 years old, and am currently making all my tracks in the garage of my house. It gets the job done but I am planing to expand my location by 2017. Artists that inspire me range from Deadmau5 to Biggie and Tupac then back to Tiesto or Daft Punk.

I do this mostly for a hobby, but if i can share it with the masses at the same time then thats a bonus. All of my music is free and will always be free, speaking for TOTWM Music solely. I am not in it for the fortune or fame, if that comes then cool. I like nice things and will soon have access to a trust, so I will be living a different lifestyle and may no longer make music anymore. That is okay because in the mean time, while I wait for my trust, I can share good music with the world. Also, I can set a groundwork and fanbase for my future company. Thanks for reading.
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Peter Markham

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Enjoy making music in my Stamford, CT garage. 22 years old been making music since 2014.
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