Wednesday 30 November 2016
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Orobas - a short film

Orobas is the story of a young woman who summons a demon to cover up the truth.

Orobas is about a young woman who by her own selfishness, got her boyfriend killed. She believes she has nothing to do with it. She seeks help from “beyond”, and summons a demon that has the gift of knowledge and can answer anything. As long as you are asking truthful questions.

I love making movies. It is the closest to creating actual magic, that I can ever do. I enjoy story telling, especially when it can deliver a message.

I have created horror films before, and made them bloody, but with this film I am at point in filming where I need your help. I need help of the pros. My story is at the point where a good amount of practical special effects are going to start happening. A lot of blood and a lot of guts. I want this film to be my/our best film yet. I need your help to do that.
About Project Creator:

My name is Tristan Spears. I am an electrician by day and director, writer, and family man by every second of the day and night. I’ve lived a long hard road of a life. At 15 yrs old I left home and hopped Frieght trains across the country for many years.

I’ve lived all over the country. I now reside in Austin Tx. I’ve always been the creative type. My brain just doesn’t stop. Whether it be creating props or working on the next story. I have so much passion for everything I do, I can’t be spread thin.
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