Saturday 15 October 2016
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Webb International

We create jobs in both the US and underdeveloped countries, let’s change the world together

We are raising money to import art from around the world, our project will create jobs, and fund schools in under developed nations. With your support, Webb International will have to opportunity to transform lives around the world, and give hope to many under-developed and war-torn countries. Become apart of Webb International, and change the world today.

Webb International began

Now, I love to travel, it is my passion, and during my travels, I have found amazing and exotic artwork. Artwork, which has never be seen in America, until now! We have begun importing artwork from around the world, but in order to provide even more artwork and create both sustainable domestic and foreign jobs, we need your help to fund our first few initial shipments. Our goal is to import from many different cultures from all over the world. As promised in the video, for every tree cut down to make our products. We will plant 10 trees in their place. Now that is sustainability!!!
About Project Creator:

Webb International aut

Thomas Webb

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Hello, my name is Thomas Webb, I grew up in Indiana, but I now live in the Bay Area in northern California. It has been a long road, and a very interesting life. I served in the Marine Corps as a machine gunner for 4 years, locations served in include: Afghanistan, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines. I have traveled to many other countries, and through my travels

I discovered that even in different cultures people share a common set of values. These values that connect us all is shown in much of the artwork, which I discovered along my journey. It is my pleasure to share this amazing artwork with all of you.
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