Saturday 15 October 2016
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MaZu Swimguards - The Only Swim Floaters You’ll Ever Need

First and only size-adjustable foam based floater, swim ring and swim trainer designed specifically for 6 mo & up - children & adults

MaZu Swimguard

  • Designed & invented by a physician and father of two young children to help toddlers & kids feel comfortable in the pool as they learn to swim
  • First and only size-adjustable foam based floater, swim ring and swim trainer developed specifically to help children & adults of all ages
  • Consistent buoyancy at all times without need to pump air or worry about deflating
  • Compact, light & soft
  • Grows with your child
  • Provides a comfortable snug fit on anyone, every time
  • Free range of arm & leg motions to maximize swimming ability
  • Versatility in all aspects of use


Several years later, I was fortunate enough to become a father. I found the usual life vests to be very cumbersome and uncomfortable for my children. Swim classes were also challenging as my kids (2 & 4 y/o at the time ) did not feel comfortable in the water. I then happened on an idea of a comfortable, adjustable swim aid that works and easy to wear. I realized that this device would not only help kids but also adults who either are not comfortable in the pool or need help during water therapy. The idea turned out to be the MaZu Swimguard.

It took another 12 months, many re designs, prototypes and trips to the pool with my children as test subjects to finally bring us from the inception of that idea to what we have today . Amare (children 2 y/o and up), Chara (children 6mo to 2yo) and Reiki (for adults) will be available in stores by Summer 2017.

I sincerely think and believe that MaZu swimguards provide the best option for children as they first begin to enjoy the pool and learn how to swim. MaZu is the first and only size-adjustable foam based floater, swim ring and swim trainer developed specifically to help children of all ages feel comfortable and safe in the water. The foam matrix makes it light and soft as well as allows for consistent buoyancy at all times without worry of deflation. Its unique adjustable design maximizes versatility in all aspects of use. The MaZu swimguard grows with your child and provides a comfortable snug fit on anyone, every time . The adjustable design also allows for several options of wearing the device - as a belt, up thru the feet or down thru the arms. This is most useful when someone has a limitation or difficulty in wearing the device due to a medical condition. Its compact size gives free range of arm & leg motions to maximize swimming ability. The compact size also allows for several swim guards to be worn by one person at the same time to provide the desired buoyancy.

As a physician, I focus greatly on prevention. In child pool / water safety, prevention in the form of swimming competency and a comfortable float device is absolutely essential as treatment can come too late. A few seconds of inattention / distraction is all that is needed for us to miss that our child had slipped into the deep end. This is what I learned from that almost tragic day many years ago. If I, we, have the chance to save life and make this world a little better, shouldn’t we try? Join me and together, we can change the world for the better.
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Charnes Chiu

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Hello, my name is Charnes Chiu, the creator of MaZu Swimguard. I would like to share with you the story of how and why I was inspired to design the best swim ring, floater, swim aid device. Several years ago, I witnessed a near tragedy at a birthday pool party where there were at least 20 plus kids aged 3 to 12 y/o. Like so many uneventful pool parties before, there were several responsible adults watching over the kids at all times.

Yet, a young child drowned. Fortunately by chance, he was found in time. Though not breathing and without a pulse, ICU nurses who happened to be at the party were able to take action quickly, revive him with CPR and stabilized him until the paramedics arrived. Since that day, I told myself that if ever I had children, I would want them to know how to swim.
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