Monday 19 December 2016
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KISA KUKU, Amazing Planner To Encourage Everyone To Enjoy Life.

Live in the meow with awesome pillow & unique planner to inspire you with monthly themes, weekly challenges, & daily focus.

KISA KUKU planner is for people everywhere looking to break out of routine and try something new. It is with monthly themes, weekly challenges and a main daily focus Inspired by cats, who are masters of living in the present moment, our planner is the purrfect guide to living a fuller life.

And of course, you’ll need a comfy place to write in your planner, or just hang with your cat(s) so they made the cutest cat pillow ever. Who doesn’t love cat pillows?!?

The KISA KUKU planner was created to remind us that life is a journey and each day an opportunity. This planner is not like any other planner because each month it features a theme with weekly challenges to encourage you to live in the meow! So while we maintain all the organizational features of your typical planner, we include features that will challenge you to explore the world and yourself in fun and unique ways.

Cats are an inspiration because they are masters of being present… they do not dwell on the past or worry about the future. At every moment, they are fully immersed in what they’re doing and aren’t afraid to literally jump at a new challenge. Plus, we LOVE cats!!

Planner Features

  • Undated: Dated planners are limiting. You don’t have to wait until January 1st to start living in the meow! We designed our planner to be flexible so you can pick up and start or stop using it whenever you want to anytime without wasting weeks or months of pages.
  • 2 page monthly overview: Keep track of all of your important dates, challenges, and goals.
  • Monthly goals section: Set your top goals for the month and outline the steps you will take to achieve them.
  • Monthly themes: Each month features a new theme that encourages you to step out of your daily routine and experience life to the fullest.
  • Weekly challenges: Explore each monthly theme with our weekly challenges that inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.
  • Main daily focus: Writing down what your main focus is each day will help you stay motivated to accomplish what you need to get done.
  • End-of-month reflection period: At the end of the each month, there are reflection questions that help you recognize your greatest accomplishments, your areas of growth, and more.
  • Notes: We give you ample opportunity to express yourself at the end of the planner with pages for notes, reflection, inspiration, reminders, or whatever you want to write!
  • Size: Our planner is small, durable, and portable so it can go with you when you try something new.

Sergey Safonov is a character designer and cat owner from Moscow, Russia who committed to trying something new every day in order to celebrate life. Inspired by his cat, Tofu, he created KISA KUKU to accompany him on his journey and help remind him that every day is an opportunity.

JazWings is the online idea incubator for global toy giant, Jazwares. They work with individuals and allows you to upload your ideas for an opportunity to partner with a global toy company to make them real. They are a community of creators, innovators, inventors, and fans who want to be a part of supporting creativity and the next big thing. JazWings accepts submissions from creators from all walks of life, anywhere in the world.


Pledge $29- You will receive One purrfect planner to inspire you to live in the meow and PDF of the full KISA KUKU Planner.

Pledge $30- You will receive One cutest cat pillow ever! It will make your cat jealous but don’t worry, you both can share, and PDF of the KISA KUKU planner.

Pledge $57- You will receive Two purrfect planners. One for you, one for your friend (or your cat) so you can both live in the meow! and PDF of the KISA KUKU planner.

Pledge $65- You will receive Pillow and Planner Combo and PDF of the full KISA KUKU Planner.

Pledge $132- You will receive Five (5) purrfect planners. Share with your friends, family, and cats so you can all live in the meow together! and PDF of the full KISA KUKU Planner.

Pledge $150- You will receive Five (5) of the cutest cat pillows ever! You can be the Oprah of cat pillows. “You get a cat pillow and YOU get a cat pillow!” and PDF of the full KISA KUKU Planner.
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