Tuesday 20 December 2016
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KIRIN RISE THE SHADOWS UNLEASHED The continuation to the Kirin Rise series!

The Kirin Rise Series is back! The Shadows Unleashed the sequel to Kirin Rise The Cast of Shadows. Plus the first issue of the Kirin Rise comic and The Cast of Shadows revised edition.

Kirin Rise Series, a story of a teenage girl who changes the world with a single punch. The Shadows Unleashed takes the series to an entirely new and deeper level. It seems the challenges in Kirin’s life are not only in the ring, but her love life is in disarray, when Hunter and Tobias confront her with their true feelings. There appears to be a greater menace to Kirin’s future than that of Thorne, as a new enemy emerges from the shadows.

The goal of the project is to bring three incredible things to life. First, the sequel to The Cast of Shadows, Kirin Rise The Shadows Unleashed, will be in soft cover format. All the things you loved in The Cast of Shadows will be back from the drawings, along with inspirational quotes, to an incredible new story, which preludes to the next installment of the series.

Second, the comic book is finally ready to debut. Fans loved the detail explanations of all the fight scenes in the book, but they begged to see it in action. Ron Langtiw has done just that by working countless hours to bring one of the most incredible and realistic comic books ever, depicting the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu in action.

Finally, Kirin Rise The Cast of Shadows Second Edition is being released. You’ll notice a brand new cover, with over 30+ new pages added, detailing a deeper meaning to all the quotes. In addition to that, more than 20 new images have been added to the book, giving you an incredible visual of the world of Kirin Rise.

Ed Cruz and Ron Langtiw are the creators of Kirin Rise Series. Ed Cruz has been studying Martial Arts for the last 37 years and continues his focus on the art of Wing Chun Gung Fu. He teaches a handful of dedicated students in the Chicagoland area as part of Windy City Wing Chun Gung Fu. He has a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching Wing Chun with over 17,000 subscribers.

Ron Langtiw from Chicago and a child of the 80′s, Ron has always been a fan of Saturday morning cartoons and kung fu. He learned to draw by watching his older brother draw and tracing his drawings. Life happened and Ron found himself in a career as an Information Technology manager.

Ron met Ed De La Cruz in 2000 and began formally studying Wing Chun in 2004. By 2012, the timing worked out to begin artwork again which prompted Ed to approach him with the idea that would become Kirin Rise.


Jake Egli is a Chicago-based composer, arranger, conductor, and occasional performer. He has composed for a wide variety of genres and has worked with several prominent ensembles, as well as on many independent projects. His work has been featured in several short films and recordings. Jake has been studying the art of Wing Chun for six and a half years.

They want you to enjoy the books as the series will continue once this project is completed. Every book will be personally autographed by both Ron and Ed.


Pledge $10- You will receive Digital copy (pdf) of The Cast of Shadows and The Shadows Unleashed or Issue 1 of Kirin Rise comic.

Pledge $15- You will receive Digital copy of The Cast of Shadows and The Shadows Unleashed and Issue 1 of Kirin Rise comic.

Pledge $20- All of the above plus and Your name on the Thank You page in The Shadows Unleashed.

Pledge $25- Softcover of The Shadows Unleashed and your name on the Thank You page

Pledge $50- Double Soft Cover: Softcover of The Cast of Shadows. Softcover of The Shadows Unleashed. Your name on the Thank You page. Issue 1 of Kirin Rise comic.

Pledge $75- All of the above plus. Exclusive Kirin Rise wall scroll poster

Pledge $150- Learn to fight like Kirin All of the above plus. Six (6) months access to the Kirin Rise Wing Chun University.

If the project is funded successfully, books will start shipping latest in April 2017.
Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information:

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