Tuesday 20 December 2016
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SWEEP N SING, combined kids’ love of singing and cleaning

They have combined kids’ love of singing and cleaning to make the Sweep N Sing! 1. Sweep 2. Sing 3. Play 4. Record the Fun!

Ever sing into the handle of a broom while sweeping? We’ve all done it!

Trent Washburn has children who love singing and cleaning and who literally play monkey see monkey do. But when he saw his little one sweeping away and then singing into the broom handle he was amazed and wished there was a way to capture the voice of his camera shy girl. His wife Elba mentioned this was something their older girl did quite often.

That’s when he thought: it should be possible to have a mic for a handle and have some sort of recording capabilities. Camera shy or not, he could capture her voice and play it back to her when she is older.

The current Sweep N Sing prototype has functional Bluetooth Technology. This allows any Smartphone type devices to play any audio output to Sweep N Sing’s speakers. An intended feature will then allow any output from the Sweep N Sing to be recorded.

What Does Sweep N Sing Do for Your Little One?

BUILDING BUSY LITTLE BODIES: Mastering physical skills are such an important part of childhood and it paves the way for all kinds of learning.

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Huge physical milestones occur in the early years and motor skills keep getting refined as your child grows.

ENGAGING CURIOUS MINDS: The best way to learn? Though play. You’ll be astounded at how much brain power they build in the early years.

CURIOSITY & DISCOVERY: Encouraging that natural sense of wonder and amazement will help your child want to learn more every day!

IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY: Creating, mimicking, singing we bring out your child’s inner performer, and teach them that simple tasks can be fun with just a little bit of imagination.

NURTURING CONFIDENT PERSONALITIES: Express ideas, sharing with friends, being a good listener-playing is a natural (and fun!) way to develop good social skills and enhance emotional well-being.

SELF EXPRESSION & CONFIDENCE: Feeling good about yourself and communicating your thoughts are essential skills that develop naturally through singing, dancing, (and now sweeping!)

SECURITY & HAPPINESS: Playful children are happy children. When all is said and done, you want your child to have emotional connections, to feel happy and secure now, and when they’re all grown up!

Trent Washburn, inventor, father, and all-around the awesome guy was watching and listening to his terribly camera-shy daughter as she pretended to sweep, and started singing into the handle of her broom.

Realizing the potential genius he had on his hands, he wanted to capture the moment, but knew that she would stop the second the camera turned on. There had to be a way, he thought, to keep her singing long enough for him to get a recording of her little voice – but she’d only do it if she could still keep sweeping!

From that day, Trent has brought his wife Elba and their beautiful daughters on a crazy journey through the world of inventing, patenting, and now finally production of the Sweep N Sing!

Trent Washburn has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $65,000, the funds raised will go towards the following expenses:

  • Additional design modification
  • Manufacture design
  • Bluetooth license to use technology and trademark
  • Patenting Canada
  • Finalize Trademark Canada
  • Safety Regulations
  • Manufacture tooling
  • Misc items to create e-commerce infrastructure to sell online

The team welcomes your messages of support and encouragement, please do leave a message or comment alongside any pledge.
For more information, please visit Sweep N Sing’s Kickstarter page:

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