Wednesday 21 December 2016
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OMNI TACT - A Patriotic Defense game of next level strategy.

A 3 fold advanced evolution to traditional strategy games. Play 12 games of modern warfare tactics on a new perspective grid.

Omni GENEius is a family foundation, a team of Husband (Shalin and ex-IT specialist), Wife (Tressy, IT Support) & Son (Ethan) a 4-year-old co-innovator of game OMNI WITS. We have stepped down from our past professions with a mission and vision a make a difference to younger generations.

At OMNI GENEius™, we are creative innovators and solution-finders at heart and mind with a great passion for philanthropy and developing younger generations. We are passionate and dedicated in helping bring out their passion for learning, intelligence and fun that’s in everyone’s genes. Brightside products that improve IQ levels, for both children and adults. Simple, smart, strategic and most importantly joyful for social play and motivation. We offer energetic, challenging and innovative products which optimize learning via play, motivation and positive affirmations.

OMNI TACT  helps develop logic skills, strategic thinking and forward-planning as you engage in battles of modern warfare. Players lead their Defense Unit in an option of 12 objective or mission games, and advance their gaming pieces across the battlefield (game board) … similar to Chess and Checkers, only way cooler, and with a unique perspective gaming grid that opens up new unseen dimensions in the mind! Complete your mission to WIN the game and acquire motivational reward medals and rank in Army or Navy and climb to the top of the defense ranks.

Complete your mission to WIN the game and acquire motivational reward medals and rank in Army or Navy as you climb to the top of the defense ranks.

OMNI TACT is available in a Pro and Family version and has already been play-tested in several venues, with ex-pro chess players and at this year’s UK Gaming Expo … everyone loved it. Some say it’s “A Whole new level to traditional strategy gaming”

I appreciate your time and hope we can find some synergy with your organisation to promote the education and social value for our products. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Vivan, from UK - On OMNI TACT - an evolutionary game of next level strategy.

I like the change up from Chess using missions, it refreshes a great classic.

However, a classic is difficult to beat, a part of that is the simple iconic nature of the game pieces.

Chess pieces are abstract in nature and easy to read on the board, so it’s simple to see one’s situation aiding strategy.

With Omni Tact, even though i can see what the pieces represent, it will take time to quickly decipher the pieces. (practice recommended).

An extra piece of graphic advise, the X0, X1, X2 — Y0, Y1, Y2 method of labelling is required, it does add some visual complexity. (again practice recommended), you can also achieve the same aim using A,B,C and 1,2,3 etc. overall, an interesting strategy game.

Mr Vijay Ratan Garg - from India, while visiting UK. 

A Chess professional with several shields achieved and a library of Chess books. (All shield’s were achieved  in India at MP State level competitions)

The game is interesting and i would like to learn more about it. It deserves to be tested out in the market for people to make up the mind. It does have a lot to offer and is new way for strategy. The directions for moving pieces is a new angle to strategy games. Thank you for keeping the Prototype with me to play test. I look forward to play test with you to add the mathematical weight on the game pieces and feedback into rules for the professional level.

I recommend making more gameplay videos for people to see this in action.
About Project Creator:

Shalin Pinto

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Shalin Pinto is a co-founder of OMNI GENEius™. An IT and Project Management Professional, with a Bachelor’s in Commerce as well as other certifications in IT and Management training. Shalin has supported several multi-national organisations, helping them meet demands on large-scale projects and products. He has been an innovator from the outset, and is always finding new ways, developing new product concepts, and implementing new ideas in the workplace.

Experienced in running an IT business in the past, and being a coach in IT and career guidance, in his personal life Shalin is always keen on finding new ways to educate, motivate and entertain younger generations with healthy, positive learning experiences. Some of his specials include being Father Christmas regularly in organised events and conducting regular collections on Sunday Services. When his son was born, Shalin took up reading, extensively researching parenting and child development, to gain a better knowledge of how children think and play optimally. He works well with children from all ages, and is passionate about finding new ways of making play and learning effective, while keeping the attention on children, and also at the same time helping them to develop their intelligence to grasp advanced concepts. He believes every child is capable of infinite potential if nurtured optimally.

Noticing the rapid, but in some instances, under-guided pace of development in the younger generations and his passion for philanthropy since early childhood, Shalin co-founded OMNI GENEius™ with a determination to accomplish his vision of making a positive difference for them by using his innovation skills to create intelligent, enjoyable, and educational products, through which he hopes to create large scale social impact for future generations.
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