Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Music Industry Global Expo 2016

A 4 day gathering of music/entertainment professionals providing career information for new artists

The Music Industry Global Expo 2016 (MIGEXPO 2016) is coming to Richmond, VA on October 26th-30th!

The MIGEXPO 2016 is a music conference created to help launch new and upcoming artists, bands, producers, engineers, public speakers, television broadcasters, radio dj, and musicians wanting solid and positive careers in the music and entertainment business.

Another primary goal and pre-opening of the MIGEXPO 2016 is to also launch a full FREE weekend of heavy concentration on music and business education for underprivileged youth. We want to give our youth the greatest opportunity to turn their lifetime dream into a reality!

It’s extremely important that we’re able to provide assistance, information, and tools to our youth. They are our next generation of the music and the arts.

Music is the universal language of all mankind. The same components that make up music - pitch, chords, rhythm, tempo - are also present in our everyday speech no matter the language you speak! With education, nurturing, direction, development, a national industry platform, and exposure - these vital contributions equip an individual seeking a strong career in the music and entertainment business.


The Music Industry Global Expo is a faith based event aiming to reach all race, cultures, and genres of music. We want to strive to offer a positive environment and spread the message of perseverance, faith, encouragement with your financial support. We would like to offer underprivileged youth and adults several full workshop classes, open panel instruction sessions, musician clinics, and so much more. Classes like…

  • Networking with major producers and engineers, fashion consultants
  • Artist Development and Vocal Training
  • Songwriting, Publishing, and Copyrighting
  • Intense classes on marketing, advertising, graphics design, website, mass social media marketing
  • Tons of advice from major music consultants and entertainment attorneys
  • Television/Film, Broadcasting, Radio DJ
  • Creating and Expanding your Brand
  • A chance to perform on major platforms in front of major executives. Mostly Christian, CCM, Contemporary and Urban Gospel, Inspirational, Country, Jazz, Inspirational Hip Hop, and some clean versions of Pop and R and B.

About Project Creator:

Aj Turner is a native of Virginia Beach, VA and the oldest of 4 siblings. He began playing the piano at the age of 3. At the age of 15, he became the music director of his church. As he continued playing and studying music, training singers, and writing music, his talents became more in demand in recording studios accompanying world renown musicians and artists. After relocating to Atlanta at the age of 18, he became a major force in the metro-Atlanta music scene.

After just a few years in Atlanta, he began international travels and touring. He is fluent in his musical skills in christian, gospel, rock, r and b, pop, jazz, and some classical. He has accompanied celebrity artists such as, Donnie McClurkin, Jennifer Holiday, The Clark Sisters, Thomas Whitfield, Stevie Wonder, Donald Lawrence, Byron Cage, Byron Cage, Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Bishop TD Jakes, Shirley Murdock, Richard Smallwood, and many others.

He has traveled throughout the US, SIngapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, London, Amsterdam, Nigeria, Ghana, Germany and many other countries, some of his musical influences are the late Thomas Whitfield, Joe Sample, the late Oscar Peterson, The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, Janet Jackson, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark just to name a few. His abilities are known to blend a smorgasbord of styles into his work. He has branched out from behind the scenes to launching his own music production company, MusicalWorks Entertainment.

He is excited to bridge the gaps of the music and entertainment industry by hosting major music conferences and expos. His first major music expo, Music Industry Global Expo 2016 will be the cutting edge event for musicians, artists, bands, groups, singers, tv broadcasters, radio dj, etc.

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