Tuesday 20 December 2016
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History Vibes. London in the steps of historical characters

Explore London in the footsteps of Churchill, Lady Diana, Ian Fleming, Jack the Ripper and Charles de Gaulle. On your smartphone!

History Vibes offers a new and innovative experience. Discover the world’s greatest cities in the footsteps of its most amazing characters.

History Vibes tours offer a far more emotional and exciting journey than a regular walking tour. Our tours will immerse you in the vibrant history of the world’s greatest individuals. Packed with educational content and cultural significance, History Vibes tours are bursting with fun and are designed to offer a fantastic experience for every age!

You can follow the steps of iconic historical characters such as Napoleon in Paris, or walk the path of Winston Churchill during World War II in London. For the theatre lovers, experience the City of Light just like in”Les Miserables”.

History Vibes allows you to walk in the footsteps of history’s most significant figures, with each City becoming the scene of a unique story. You will truly stand in the shadow of history’s “giants” and experience what shaped their story made their destiny unique. You will get to know the stories and secrets behind the cultural giants or iconic figures.

With History Vibes sleek tour, there is no need to waste your travel time waiting in line-ups. You can skip the crowds, walking guides and the cumbersome guide book. We deliver a premium walking tour experience. Simply download he Guidigo platform (a free app), choose the tours proposed by History Vibes directly and you are ready to go, at any time, on any day. No need to be connected. You can do all the tours offline.

History Vibes will begin launching its one-of-a-kind tours in both London and Paris in 2016. You will have the opportunity to experience these great cities through the eyes of history’s greatest characters such as Winston Churchill, Napoléon, Ian Fleming, Marie-Antoinette, Victor Hugo and Charles de Gaulle.

Our tours are designed to fit seamlessly into your holiday itinerary. Whether experiencing the world’s greatest cities and characters by yourself or with family and friends, History Vibes will give you an in-depth, personalized insight into the world’s most interesting cities.

We have included many additional suggestions in our tours to ensure the best possible experience including:

  • The best shopping boutiques and things-to-do in London and Paris
  • The best cafes to kick back in and enjoy an espresso or flat white
  • Recommended gourmet shopping experiences for all foodies

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About Project Creator:

Hubert Rault

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Hubert has been living in London for four years. He came to complete an MBA at Cass Business School in 2012. He quickly became fascinated by this city and its history. He started a walking tour in June 2015 in the footsteps of the Free French Forces. It became very popular: more than 500 people enjoyed the tour in one year and more than 80% of the reviews on TripAdvisor consider the tour as excellent.

All the comments confirm that Hubert is really passionate about History and his passion is really communicative. He conceives the tour as a way to share his passion, surprise people and make people discover History in a fresh perspective.

The cornerstone of the project is a passion for History. History has always been a real passion for Hubert. He started a walking tour in London in June 2015.  This tour has become very popular. It is ranked 137th on 609 activities in London on Tripadvisor.

He wants to share with all of you in a modern way: directly on your smartphone ! The  focus on key historical characters makes the History Vibes project absolutely unique. It s NOT a technology project as we use the platform GUIDIGO to create the tour, it s a CULTURAL project to share a passion fo History and make you discover London in an original way.
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