Tuesday 29 November 2016
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WholeSam LA Food Truck

WholeSam combines nutrition with a foodie’s mentality. Let’s bring clean, fun food to the streets of LA!

WholeSam is the journey of two foodies, chefs and health lovers who are on a mission to make healthy food affordable, delicious, and fun!  WholeSam creatively combines organic vegetables, local and sustainable meats, and whole grains to make food so delicious you won’t believe it’s nutritious!

Our Mission:

WholeSam is making food fun again! We create vibrant, wholesome meals so that you feel your absolute best. Local vegetables are at the forefront and we also incorporate whole grains and organic meats.

We want people to experience that local, “everything-from-scratch”, homemade feeling that so often gets lost in the restaurant business. Wholesam wants you to know that what’s on your fork is making a difference in the world - and leave it to us to make what’s on your fork delicious!

The food we eat plays a crucial role in our overall health, happiness, and well-being. We know how to make “being healthy” simple. WholeSam educates consumers about food and nutrition through our creative menu.

An ever-increasing number of restaurant concepts (whether sit-down, takeaway, or on-the-go) with a focus on fresh, healthy fare continue to spring up around Los Angeles. The most recent is WholeSam, a new food truck currently being Kickstarted by a couple hundred fans that has some serious backing from the music and entertainment world.

In  the proposed truck’s Kickstarter video, both rapper-turned-actor Ludacris and electronic music duo Krewella vouch for the food and WholeSam co-owner Sami Udell. She’s been a personal chef for both camps for years, as well as a health coach. Business partner Rose is a longtime chef and food truck operator around Los Angeles.
About Project Creator:

Samantha Udell

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Sam is a passionate chef, health coach, and gardener. She is a personal chef for celebrities such as Ludacris and has coached people to cure an abundance of health issues.  She loves helping others feel good in their bodies and is excited to share delicious, colorful food with Los Angeles.
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