Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Paraíso bajo los pies (Paradise underfoot/under the feet)

“A story about loneliness through the eyes of Gloria, a transvestite superstar in the search for the meaning of life, with two results. Theater and Film ♡”

Paradise under the feet is a project of artistic collaborations born from the need to create a sense to life with two results: A theatrical stage experience  and short film freely distributed on the Internet.

The main objective is to create an immersive and inclusive space that fosters empathy , inaddition to reflection on issues like loneliness , sense of life, self - esteem, discrimination, self - destruction and others who followed affect the homosexual condition , transgender and sexual diversity, but they are equally shared by the universal human condition.

We believe in art that speaks to the audience directly, we believe that our obligation is to provide quality products for creating awareness and entertainment . We believe the hearing should be taken into account for the development of work, out of selfishness that is so characteristic of the artist and reverse roles so that the work conforms to the public and not vice versa. We want out of conventional public theater to reach people who use other means. We seek the professionalization of young art , discuss the issues pertaining to the generations that grew up under new paradigms.

The central character - Gloria - part of the solitude to the search for the meaning of a life that apparently does not, so he decides to take his hedonism to the limits of self - destruction among vices, sex, wealth and fame, same as the lead the edge of life and death. In this work it is proposed to face the vacuum by means of self - love under the slogan that loneliness is eternal and shared by all, and that the glory is to enjoy the absolute present through each of the senses, which are the ones we they know ourselves alive.

The aesthetic discourse has the characteristic of being structured in several languages by homages and references to various artists, geniuses and personalities that somehow relate to the work either according to the subjectivity of the author for his poetic and intellectual values (between They found Pedro Almodóvar, Paul Auster, Robert Fripp, Stephen Hawking, Virginia Woolf …), or because the item gives a fun and dynamic to work (as Daul Kim or stars RuPaul) language.

Who are we addressing?

  • Who seeks an artistic experience where you can have fun while you have the opportunity to deeply reflect on loneliness and sense of life.
  • Who wants to experience the result of the merger of twelve young professional artists versando on the same speech.
  • Those who want to know a fusion of real and fictitious words, personal and others, where the popular and the “highly artistic” banal and deep walk hand in hand.
  • Who would be interested in a work that supports diversity by inviting the respect, honesty, understanding and love between human-social community.
  • For those seeking an environment that encourages the enjoyment of art as part of life on stage, on the street, in the virtual world and human relationships (in general).
  • Who wants to discover a new world through the eyes and lives of Gloria …

About Project creator:

Emilio Bastré. Born in Mexicali, the border with Imperial Valley CA, and having 24 years old, he is an actor, model and performer who studied professional stage acting in the National School of Dramatic Arts in Mexico, as part of the National Institute of Fine Arts. His training includes improvisation, monologue creation, a variety of dancistic techniques and all kinds of pole training. He also studied for two years Management for cultural projects. Although he is young, he has worked with several stage directors in Mexico like Mauricio García Lozano, Gilberto Guerrero, Jorge Folgueira and Michelle Guerra. He has also worked with performance company Naif Sicodelia in different projects and stage plays and with the company La Madriguera AC who creates social consciousness.

He also has acted in short films, modeled for fashion and artistry photography, and collaborated with different artists for all kinds of projects (like immersions, runways, artistry research, etc.). Also he has been in some festivals inside and outside Mexico, such as “The Siglo de Oro Drama Festival” of Los Paisanos de El Chamizal Memorial in El Paso TX.

Link to the Project:

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