Sunday 3 April 2016
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CorkYogis: Piece for Peace

CorkYogis sells eco-friendly, super grippy Cork Yoga Mats. CorkYogis as a company helps vulnerable women in India escape prostitution.

CorkYogis is a new Yoga company that makes eco- friendly cork yoga mats. We think Cork is amazing to use for Yoga Mats because it has one property that no other yoga mat has; the grip increases when wet. This is amazing for yoga mats because the sweatier your hands and feet are, the stronger the grip and the stronger your pose. This allows us to practice Yoga harder and with more confidence in our poses.


CorkYogis as a company is dedicated to creating change for women worldwide through the practice of yoga. For every yoga mat sold we make donations to help women in India escape prostitution and learn skills to obtain safe and dignified employment; Piece for Peace.


About Project Creator:

Lara Sengupta

I am 25, a yoga enthusiast and a world traveller. I am half Indian and have visited India a few times; my visits have made me realise how hard it is being a poor woman in India and how they do not have access to the skills and education they need. My nan grew up in Calcutta, India and didn’t go to school until she was 14, from there she became a successful doctor and owned her own practice. So many women could be amazing with the right resources, thats why CorkYogis supports women in Calcutta change their lives.


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