Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Erika Kulnys Rise Up Record and Video Campaign

A powerful and intimate folk-pop record of new love songs, political songs, and original classics. Support my music and my passion!



Hello friends, fans, and Kickstarter supporters!

I am so excited about this project! Rise Up is an album straight from my heart to yours.

It’s a record of new love songs, political songs and a few golden oldies with some of the best musicians around the northeast US-Dave Mattacks (Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson) on drums; Jim Henry (Mary Chapin-Carpenter) on guitars, dobro, and mandolin; Richard Gates (Patty Larkin) on bass; Catherine Bent and Kris Delmhorst on cello; Ian Kennedy and Shannon Williams on violin; Kirsten Maxwell, Katie Key and Laurie MacAllister (Red Molly) on vocals. Due to a generous donation from a fan I have been able to record the basic tracks for the record and I can tell you I am completely thrilled with what we have done so far! The musicians on the record have played with all of their hearts, souls, and limitless talent and the album is giving shape to my musical dreams! I am counting on you to help me fund the rest of the process!

The songs are very close to my heart, from new ones like Rise Up to classics in my repertoire that I want to give new life to like: to songs I never got to record with a band like Angel on the Road, from the album which I am honoured to say won Inspirational Recording of the Year at the Music Nova Scotia Awards this November.

As you may know, making a record is wonderfully complex process. The right financial support makes it possible to create a CD that will stand up among my peers, and, I hope and believe, offer a fresh perspective musically and politically. Rise Up is my best record yet, and I want to give the songs all the TLC they need to mature into their powerful adult selves.



I currently have the cost of the first few days of basic recording/lodging for the band taken care of. Your donation will go to editing/mixing the CD, mastering it, pressing physical copies, and promoting it. I hope to tour it next summer in the US and Canada; and next fall in Denmark, Germany, and Ireland.

The songs we recorded this past week were written mainly in the last year, with several written and recorded in previous incarnations. Rise Up is a song I wrote after Homeland Security broke my heart last winter and wouldn’t let me into the country because they saw me as a “potential immigrant” as I do not currently own land/have a mortgage etc. It is a song challenging us to have our mother’s back, our brother’s back, and to take back the waters that have been stolen from the land, and indigenous peoples; to take back the borders that affirm antiquated patriarchal power structures designed to keep capitalism and ‘first world’ countries in power, at the cost of human life, dignity and culture. Boris Riabov, a NYC filmmaker is making a music video of our recording of the song, with a planned release for March of 2016.

The songs on the record range from happy love songs to songs of longing and yearning to songs intended to open listeners hearts and create a call to action. Angel on the Road is a song about my sweet mother Daina, and puppy Tashi and friend Zoe Nudell, all of whom died in the past few years. It is an ode to them and a small token of gratitude for the love they offered and continue to offer. These past few years have been a time of tremendous growth and healing, shedding of skins, and learning to love myself, my body, my life, and the world in a new way that embraces all of it-the painful, the beautiful, the absurd, and the love that endures through it.


About Project Creator:

Erika Kulnys

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A prolific and inspiring songwriter working across genres, Erika Kulnys writes heart-opening songs that move you to tears, make you laugh, and challenge the way you see yourself and the world. Erika’s latest album, Angel on the Road is about love, healing and peace. It was in the top ten on local charts and received international airplay. The song Angel on the Road was inspired by realizing the eternal connection of life and love, and is dedicated to Erika’s mother Daina.

Erika is a classically trained singer-songwriter, poet, composer and performance artist who challenges boundaries and touches hearts. Her background in Nova Scotian folk, classical, world music, poetry and her concern for social issues create an original idiom that yields carefully crafted songs robust with passion. Erika’s musical scope ranges from folk to rock-pop and she has the gift of writing meaningful songs that remain intimate while being political. In the story-telling folk tradition,

Erika grew up in Nova Scotia singing in choirs and then went on to study music composition, piano, and creative writing at the United World College (NM), Oberlin College and Conservatory (OH), and won a Watson Fellowship to participate in groups working for social change through music in Ireland, England, Venezuela, Brazil and India.

Erika has played at venues such as The World Social Forum in Caracas, Centro Cultural in Sao Paolo, Casa de Cultura in Trinidad, Cuba, The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and the Bitter End in New York City. She’s collaborated with renowned artists Bruce Guthro, Paul Jefferson, Ferron, Rose Vaughan, and Scott Macmillan, has opened for artists such as Dave Gunning and Josh Ritter and has shared stages with Dar Williams, Richie Havens, Guy Davis, and Richard Thompson.


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