Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Turkey, the Legacy of Silence

A documentary about four Turks discovering their Armenian origins… and breaking silence.


Armen, Dogukan, Yasar and Nazli are Turks. However a surprising discovery drastically changed their lives: they are also Armenian. Their grandparents survived the genocide in 1915, and were all assimilated, converted to Islam and forgotten. Turkey, The Legacy of Silence is a documentary through the inner workings of negationism and identity.

For the past three years, driven by a desire to give voice to the Armenian survivors, we have been working on Turkey, the Legacy of Silence. The 52-minutes documentary has been broadcasted on french television channel Toute L’Histoire in April 2015 for the century of the genocide in Anatolia.

Our documentary has been :

- presented at the Istanbul International Film Festival during the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in April 2015 ;

- presented at the Yerevan Golden Apricots Film Festival in July 2015 ;

- rewarded by the first camera documentary award 2014 organized by CAPA and France Info ;

- selected at the final price for the PRIMED festival in Marseille ;

- screened in many places in France and Belgium ;

Nevertheless, WE DON’T WANT TO STOP HERE. We believe this story must be shared around the world. We would like to present it to major festivals around the world. But most of them ask for a 60 minuteslength film. So, we decided to make it !


About Project Creator:

Guillaume Clere 

I am author and co-director of the documentary “Turkey, the Legacy of Silence”. This story really touched me because it is about who we are depending from our family history.

I’ve worked for three years in french television (Arte, LCP, France 4, KTO). I have a master degree in Journalism at the CUEJ (Centre Universitaire d’Enseignement en Journalisme) in Strasbourg, France.


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