Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Italian Moms Cooking Part Two

Sharing Recipes from my cookbook – Italian Moms – Spreading their Art to Every Table. Classic recipes from Abruzzo with some modern twist. 200 + recipes.

The book, Italian Moms Spreading Their Art to Every Table, features some of Elisa’s favorite recipes including: Antipasti, pasta, breads and pizza, main dishes and desserts. The recipes are easy to follow and stimulate the taste buds.

We were truly grateful for all the support we received getting the book off the ground with our first campaign and we are now in phase two of our project, and that is where we need some more supporters. Now that we have funded the book and the first batch is currently in print, we realized we need more capital to build a proper website and for marketing cost. In addition we are developing a program for schools to sell the book as a fundraiser, in which they will share in the profits.


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