Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Help Fund Love U Magazine & Support Body-Positive Fashion!

Love U Magazine is a new fashion magazine that believes in empowering women of all sizes, by promoting positive body images.

The Vision

Love U Magazine is a brand new digital magazine and multimedia e-zine app featuring body-positive fashion.

Our mission is to disrupt the industry—blurring the lines between magazines who only publish sample-size models or plus-size models. We are also moving beyond traditional print distribution, to provide a multi-media reading experience, by integrating video and audio into our publication.

We Are Love U Magazine, A New Digital Fashion Magazine For Women of All Sizes.

We want to spotlight the hidden fashionista in all Women. We believe we can knock down traditional barriers by creating a multimedia digital magazine containing beautiful body-positive photography with women of all sizes-breaking free from the beauty standards upheld by the mainstream fashion industry magazines. Most importantly, we hope to empower women by encouraging them to love themselves-recognizing both their inner and outer beauty. Our goal is to make Love U Magazine the home for women who demand style regardless of size.

To learn even more about our vision and brand, view our media kit (

It’s time to redefine the meaning of beautiful!

Currently, women are labeled and categorized in the fashion industry by size. This unhealthy grouping contributes to a warped sense of self and an unhealthy self-image for many young girls and women, excluding them for not fitting the mold. Instead, we look at women for who they are. Real women come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important that fashion magazines and publications recognize that, and serve real-size women. Otherwise, we are sending a message to society that fashion is only for one body type, and that isn’t right!

About Project Creator:

Chelsea Dixon

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She is the Founding Editor of Love U Magazine and Solopreneur Marketing Magazine (a digital magazine that is currently on the Apple Newsstand and Google Play Store). She is also the Co-Founder of Arrogant Dreams, LLC (a digital publishing company that provides snackable content for the modern e-consumer).

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