Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Rabid Young PledgeMusic Campaign for New EP and Tour

Pledge to pre-order our new EP and receive lots of cool exclusives and behind the scenes access!

We are working on a new EP and going on tour and we want to get our fans involved in the process! We are using PledgeMusic to offer a pre-order of the new EP, merch and to offer exclusives like behind the scenes videos, live interactions with the band (even if you are far away, we can have “virtual coffee” over Skype!), Q&A sessions on Periscope and even hang out with the band on tour!

Any pledge will receive an instant digital download and access to weekly (maybe more) updates and personal messages from the band. We want to make this release and tour as big as we possibly can, so please share this with your network and help us spread the word! Let’s take it all the way!

Rabid Young is:

  • Eric Rickey (Ld Vox, Gtr, Keys)
  • Jackson Wilcox (Bass)
  • Alex Stopa (Drums)
  • Kelly Loadman (Keyboard)
  • Mason Bundschuh (Gtr)

About Project Creators:

EricRickey (Most Thieves) was restless. He had spent years cultivating his skills as a musician, songwriter and producer. Having received critical praise and connected with eager listeners, at some point in 2014, he found himself at the end of a well traveled road wondering where to go next.

After composing and producing the film score for Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West, with friend and

fellow musician Jackson Wilcox(A Crowd of Small Adventures) the duo took aim at the uncharted territories of pop music. They set about deconstructing the type of radio pop that took hold of the charts in the 80’s and fusing it with its not-so-distant cousin of current chart toppers. Straight forward lyrics that cut right to the heart of the matter, melodies that leap from your speakers with ease, beats that make you move and a metric ton of shimmering keyboards. This was new terrain. This was exciting. That kind of hard work and excitement tends to draw other musicians to the flame and this time was no exception. Before long the pair was joined in the studio by fellow Most Thieves alum Bobby Lee Parker (guitar), long time partner in crime Matthew Long(drums, Roky Erickson) and Popovich contributor Alex Stopa (The Silver State, Big Talk). The result is their freshly minted self titled debut EP mixed by Grammy winning engineer Adam J. Odor.
Link to the Project:

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