Monday 19 December 2016
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Elixir is a Rap/Hip-Hop album by me that as been in production for a year now. Elixir is a metaphor for healing & induces self love.

Craw The Sage is a alias I created while in college. I spent my time in college studying Studio Arts, I also received a minor in business with a focus in marketing. What I have come to understand from my many courses on Art History/Art Theory, Philosophy, and Business is that artists play a significant role in humanity. Artists have the ability to peer behind the veil enter into a transcendental realm in order to pull messages from an ethereal space.

Art is about problem solving, but also expression of the soul. In my case coming from Chicago an area subject to violence, poverty, and crime I believe I can become a beacon of light in my area. I believe I can use music as a tool to help people vibrate higher and and reach their higher potential. Hip Hop has always been a voice of the people. Mos Def gave the people and Hip-Hop a direct relationship when he said, If you want to know the direction Hip-Hop is going, just look at the direction the people are going. In my case I want to keep Hip-Hop going in a direction that allows for positive action and knowledge.

The Elixir project is something I began writing last summer. I hadn’t had the resources to finish it, partly because I was still in school with very low funding. Most of the mixtape is written already, I do have to record more tracks. I’ve basically been putting the entire thing together on my own with some help from a few friends. Making this project has made me go from musician, to graphic designer, to project manager, to brand manager, to PR person. I have worn many hats in the process but I have also learned so much about myself. The concept of the Elixir is that there is this magical potion that is used for healing, but also makes one wise, and induces self love for those who might be down. I feel that music can be both escapist and also a means to heal a broken people. Many of us can go back in our memory banks and think of a song that has helped us through a situation or a song we once listened to with our friends that reminds us of them. I want to make timeless music like that. With that being said I hope that you can support the Elixir. Remember that you will receive a digital print of personal artwork from me, Craw The Sage

About Project Creator:

Eric Crawford

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Chicago rapper Craw the Sage, born Eric Crawford Jr., is a talented emcee with a vast array of poetic talent. Craw the Sage is gifted with words and possesses a unique style of rap that is all his own. Craw began rapping in his dorm room during his freshman year in college. He says, “I didn’t know I had a way with words…Rap found me, I was just doin’ it for fun and I just so happen to be decent at it, so I decided to take Hip Hop seriously around the end of my sophomore year.”

Some of Craw’s influences include legends like Pac, Biggie, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole.

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