Monday 19 December 2016
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ChoreMonstr, Inc.

Why I want to launch the  ChoreMonstr, Inc. platform:

There are 2 problems which plagued me since childhood: the prevelance of poverty around me, and the awareness that time is always running out, it feels like we spend most of it doing things we have to instead of things we want to - missing the time we could spend with people we love.

My experience with poverty:

I was born and raised in a small border town in TX (Del Rio). Most family’s in Del Rio, including my family, are poor so making a living is a challenge.  There are few job opportunities, and those jobs available tend to offer minimum wages, part time hours, no benefits (i.e. health insurance, 401K, etc.), and no chance for self-fulfillment.

Often several members of one family (including high school children) work multiple, menial, part time jobs. Despite the work put in by the whole family, it is still a challenge to pay rent, bills and have money left for food. Many families and individuals rely on government programs, like Lone Star, to help sustain their existence.

It is a sad situation because I am aware of valuable abilities and skills many people have. These talents would be valuable to others, and these skills could help increase their income and provide self fulfillment beyond what any menial labor available now can. However, most people don’t have money to start their own company or advertise their services to the public. So, it is likely these talented individuals will never get to use their gifts to earn a living and will never reach their true potential.

Our Time is Short and Precious

The second problem I want to solve is the loss of precious time for family, friends, and fun. As I have made my way through undergraduate school, graduate school, while simultaneously holding many full time and part time jobs, in additional to entrepreneurial pursuits, I have become overwhelmed with responsibilities! When I include all the tedious tasks, errands, and chores life continues to through my way, there is simply no time left for family, friends, hobbies, or fun. And many of friends and acquaintances have complained of the same issue.

I have often wondered if we we are all just incompetent fools who can’t figure out how to balance life and work, or if people I don’t know have the same problem.  So I began conducting many Google Market Surveys. The result showed 60% of Americans share in this proble and would be grateful to hire someone else to deal with chores and errands for them to open up time for other things.

My Solution: ChoreMonstr, Inc.

One day I realized that the solution to both problems is bringing these 2 groups of people together. Those with time on their hands and in need of good jobs, and those short on time and desperately in need of good help.

ChoreMonstr is an online bidding platform for personal services (think of eBay, but you bid for a service rather than a product). On this platform help seekers can post services needed under the appropriate category,  then the platform will send a message to any job seeker registered in that category when a job becomes available, and how much time they have to bid for the job (time limits are set by the help seeker depending on when they need a job done).

Job seekers can bid for jobs they are interested in (bids would include profit and expenses, for ex. travel and supplies). The ChoreMonstr platform automatically upcharges the original  bid by 10% (3% for merchant charges like Stripes, PayPal, ApplePay, etc. and 2% for SGA expenses, leaving ChoreMonstr with 5% EBITDA). The ChoreMonstr platform then sends the bids back to the help seekers already including the 10%, and also includes previous customer reviews and ratings of workers (5 star rating system, must maintain 4.5 rating to stay on platform plus commenting allowed).

The online platform will be free, easy to use, and compatible with any device that can access the internet. ChoreMonstr will provide a trustworthy* network of “tasks area specialists” (“Monstrs”), who are available to do any legal tasks, at any time, at the users demand.

Monstr’s must provide 3 personal references (called by ChoreMonstr executive to attest to integrity, accountability, and competence), are subjected to a background and driving check (driving check if applicable to task area), and a personal interview with ChoreMonstr CEO, Krystle Moore.Why help ChoreMonstr, Inc.?
About Project Creator:

Krystle Moore

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Current UT Dallas Grad Student, MBA, Concentration Entrepreneurship (12 hrs left to complete degree)

BFSI (Business Certification), Red McCombs School of Business at UT Austin

BFA in Studio Art and BS in Biology , Texas State University

Lifetime Dream: Build a company that will positively impact lives, especially for the underserved.

Leadership Experience: Director of Financial Services at BPBC Administrator of the DRCA Director of the Firehouse Gallery

Professional Awards: Who’s Who Among American Executives, Nominated for the Arthouse Texas Prize

Startup Experience: Started Chemistry Tutoring Service during Undergraduate Career at TX State University

Lifetime Goal: Leave the world better than I found it!
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