Sunday 3 April 2016
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The Tree Of Redemtion

Everyone wants to repair their past

A story about a mother who goes on  dangerous journey, to find The tree of redemption. The tree is only a legend but this is her only hope to repair the mistakes she made.She has heard this story from long time ago, since she was a child.Her grandmother would tell her before sleeping, but the problem is does it even exist this kind of tree?

I had  lot of experience with doing mistakes in my life, one really big. That mistake changed my view of point to the whole world, and generally the people. It effected me on my creativity and psych. I wanted it to change the past so badly but after some time passed i decided that it cannot be redone, so i stated to use that awakening in my art projects. Just to be clear i didn’t kill anyone :), but the mistake i made broke my heart and i guess i started to see the world in different light. So this movie is strongly affeced by that peroid of my life, and i’m really emmotionaly attached to this projecet. I hope i’ll get the support i need.

  • The purpose of this movie is to remand us that we all do mistakes in our lives and that once they are done we cant do anything to undone it.
  • Our goal is to promote the film on festivals around the world, and after it goes around on some festivals to show it on our national TV.

About Project Creator:

George Lazov -Director

I’m a student at Film Academy at the University of “Goce Delcev”, 2nd year at studying film directing. This will be my 5th short movie, and 2nd with a minimal budget,in which only includes the productions cost like props, sets, locations and the required equipment. All members of the team are doing it volunteeringly.

Link to the Project:

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